best alternatives to apple magic mouse

Best Alternatives to Apple Magic Mouse

Find the best alternative to the Apple Magic mouse that can work similarly or even better with your Mac Book or iMac.

Apple Magic mouse maybe not be an ideal choice for everyone. Although, it is loaded with multi-contact motion support. However, there are individuals who will like to exchange extravagant highlights for a conventional mouse.

There are some excellent Apple magic mouse substitutes that you get your hands on right now. These can really enhance your Mac experience, particularly in specific situations like gaming.

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Apple Magic Mouse to use with Mac

best alternatives to apple magic mouse
Best Alternatives to Apple Magic Mouse

So, let’s start discussing the best Magic mouse alternatives that are available in the market in 2023.

Logitech M720

Quick Overview

Logitech M720 arrives in the mid-range of the mouse accessible. As the name recommends, Triathlon, this mouse from Logitech would give you incredible solace, perseverance, and adaptability. The highlights of this mouse are invigorating, and this mouse can be viewed as an exceptional contribution from Logitech.

Design And Performance

Logitech M720 comes with a curved design tapered towards the left side. This kind of configuration is ergonomic and would assist you with working for longer hours with next to no issues. The state of mouse appears as though an MX Master mouse.

Performance is the primary thing of this mouse. You would get intruded on performance from this mouse out of the box. This mouse has 8 buttons of which 6 buttons are programmable. You can without much of a stretch alter the buttons according to your prerequisite in Logitech Options programming

For the most part, you get either Bluetooth or availability utilizing a USB collector. In the Logitech M720 Triathlon mouse, you get two methods for interfacing remotely. You can utilize the Bluetooth element to interface with different devices at the same time.

Additionally, you can utilize Logitech to bring together recipients to associate with various devices.
Connectivity is fantastic and solid. You won’t see any association drops or slacks when you use them extremely quickly.

Our Verdict

Logitech M720 is for the experts and individuals who need help with their usefulness. M720 is superb for multi-gadgets arrangements. I would suggest M720 for any expert work that includes a broad utilization of mice. In any case, on the off chance that you are a gamer.

Presumably G Series mouse would be better for your gaming performance. This works well with MACOS and is an excellent replacement for Apple Magic Mouse as well.

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

Quick Overview

Are you a person who works and games on a MAC then you will be disappointed by the apple mouse. Gamers usually need fast pace mouse with the best DPI along with a sensitive sensor. Well, don’t worry now as we have got just the right mouse for you.

SteelSeries Rival 650 is a high-end gaming model that does speedy charging off its USB link. And takes into account activity in one or the other mode consistently, no AA batteries are required. Capable software, programmable buttons, weight movability, and a digit of on-mouse bling put forth for a solid effort.

Design And Performance

The outside of the Rival 650’s shell is fiber-built-up plastic and rubber. From the get-go, it gives the impression of less expensive materials than its rivals. The mouse feels strong, be that as it may, and after looking into it further seems by and large very much made.

The state of the mouse is additionally thoroughly examined, and the elastic holds do the occupation on the Rival 650. SteelSeries utilizes an elite high-performance 12,000cpi TrueMove3 optical sensor. Well designed in participation with sensor robust PixArt, to give a genuine 1-to-1 tracking. It likewise has a dedicated depth sensor.

That suppresses the mouse jitter when lifting and repositioning the mouse. The mouse’s takeoff distance is likewise adjustable, from 0.5mm to 2mm.

Furthermore, as referenced, the Rival 650 backings both wired and remote activity modes. Wireless mice regularly have a performance punishment related to increased latency.

Yet this shouldn’t be an issue for the Rival 650. Wireless mice ordinarily experience issues when the mouse battery gets low, yet this rushes to mitigate on the Rival 650.

On account of the wired association choice. The inner battery charges rapidly over USB. SteelSeries expresses that a 15-minute charge is ordinarily to the point of going on for over 10 hours. A solitary charge goes on for around 24 hours

Our Verdict

At long last, the RGB on this mouse is debilitated. This mouse has eight freely controlled RGB LED zones. The mouse likewise has a sum of seven buttons.

Notwithstanding the fundamental left-and right-click fastens. The scroll wheel additionally functions as a button, and a DPI switch sits simply behind the scroll wheel.

The three leftover buttons are on the left side and are completely programmable.

Two are directly under your thumb, while the third is farther forward and requires more effort. And a grip shift to reach unless you have an extra-long digit. You presumably won’t have any desire to program this button to any regularly utilized order.

SteelSeries utilized its own custom switches on this current mouse’s buttons. And each button is appraised to keep going for up to 60 million ticks prior to coming up short. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to game on the Apple Mac series.

Logitech Pebble M350

Quick Overview

Logitech has sent off another wireless mouse called Pebble M350, which is focused on students and working professionals. Pebble M350 is viable with Windows and Mac devices and chips away at Chrome OS/Linux/iPadOS.

The mouse will work with Microsoft surface gadgets as well. It accompanies a one-year restricted equipment guarantee and comes in three shading variations: Graphite, White, and Rose.


Consistent with its name, the Pebble M350 from Logitech is formed like a big pebble. And is more modest than the size of a normal palm, really about a portion of its size.

The mouse estimates 107 mm x 59 mm x 26.5 mm (H x W x D) and weighs around 100gm (weight of the battery included). It is made of sweat-safe plastic that has a matte completion.

The removable fold makes it simple to clean the residue. And different particles with the assistance of a brush that might get caught inside.

The removable cover additionally makes it advantageous to dry the mouse if there should arise an occurrence of any fluid spills. The USB connector attaches firmly inside the body of the mouse.

It is a little measured connector and won’t stand out from your PC too while you use/convey it. Regardless, it makes for simple movability, without the feeling of dread toward losing the USB connector.

Performance And Features

The mouse won’t grasp the rear of the palm. However, we figure it won’t be an issue as one will become accustomed to utilizing it by holding it. Without feeling any inconvenience or agony in the fingers or the hand. The plan is shortsighted, with the mouse wheel wedged in the left and right fastens and the logo of the organization towards the base.

The top board or front of the mouse is separable and can be taken out effectively with the assistance of fingernails. It is a slim cover that is held quickly to the body of the mouse through three little tube-shaped attractive pins within the cover.

One at the base and the other two on the sides. The pins hold the top fold safely and it doesn’t fall off in any event, while shaking the mouse enthusiastically.

Inside the mouse is a capacity compartment for the USB connector/USB dongle/nano recipient and space for the battery. Logitech Pebble M350 requires only a solitary M battery. Logitech claims can run for around a year and a half.


The mouse can be utilized through USB and Bluetooth associations. Assuming you wish to utilize it with the USB connector dongle, plug in the connector to the USB port of your PC. Switch on the mouse, and press the Bluetooth/USB button once.

The marker near the power button will shine in green consistently, without blinking. Your mouse is currently associated through USB and prepared for use.

The alternate way is the Bluetooth association. What makes the dual availability highlight amazing is that you don’t have to eliminate the USB dongle to involve the mouse in Bluetooth mode.

The scroll speed, however, might have been somewhat quicker, yet generally speaking, it finishes the vast majority of the positions. It’s a mouse with a mechanical scroll wheel and a sensor resolution of 1000 dpi.

Our Verdict

This is a smart product from Logitech that has everything going in support of its style, lightweight plan, operability, and portability. Students and working professionals will particularly see the value in the mouse; the individuals who are in a hurry more often than not will adore it.

At the same time, there are likely there are less expensive choices accessible by the dozen on the lookout. This mouse has a genuinely unique design that makes it an extraordinary mouse for travelers. It stands apart because of its design. Yet its performance isn’t quite so incredible nor adjustable as different choices available on the market.

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse 

Quick Overview

With regards to third-party accessories for Apple products. You can find almost anything you need for the iPhone and iPad. Yet for the Mac peripherals are a digit all in or all out Most stuff will work with both PC and Mac working systems.

However, it’s basically planned as a PC item first with the Mac as a bit of hindsight. One such item is the MX Master 3 for Mac.


The MX Master 3 design doesn’t go astray much from past MX mice, including the MX Master 2S, its ancestor. This mouse is made for the right hand. Master 3 has support for your thumb, and the body of the mouse rests under your palm.

Notwithstanding the standard left and right mouse buttons, there are three buttons for your thumb. One at the foundation of the support, and back/forward buttons at the top.

The ancestors to the MX Master 3 had the back/forward button behind the thumbwheel and stacked on top of one another.

The button at the foundation of the thumb support is a gesture button and it works related to a mouse gesture.

For instance, assuming you hold the conservative and move the mouse up, it launches Mission Control. The scroll wheel between the right and left mouse buttons.

Which itself is a button, as well can naturally change from tightened-looking to free spins. It switches assuming you are, for instance, rapidly looking up or down a long page.

While the exchanging functions admirably. Luckily, you can utilize the mode button beneath the scroll wheel to set the mode.


You can tweak and furthermore allot application-explicit capacities to all of the mouse buttons. And the scroll wheels with Logitech’s software utility, Logi Options.

It saves each of your settings to the cloud. You need to make a record with Logitech. So assuming you utilize the mouse with another gadget, your settings accompany you.

Logitech claims that the MX Master 3’s battery can endure as long as 70 days. There’s a battery duration marker in Logitech’s product. However, it would be great to assume that there was a speedy view accessible through the Logitech menu bar symbol.

The MX Master 3 can be combined with up to three devices over Bluetooth. Under the mouse is the Easy-Switch button, with numbered pointers to show which gadget the mouse is associated with.

After you’ve done the underlying matching. You should simply press the Easy-Switch button to the appropriate pointer that is related to the gadget you are utilizing and is associated with.


Assuming you habitually utilize multiple devices. Easy-Switch is advantageous, yet there is another feature called Flow that could be extremely useful. With Flow, you can utilize one MX Master 3 with two computers.

And switch between the two basically by moving the cursor through the edge of the screen. Stream likewise upholds a couple of capacities, like cut, copy, and paste. So on the off chance that you say, have a Mac PC to accomplish fieldwork. And you return to the workplace and work on a work area Mac.

You can set up Flow so you can duplicate a thing on your PC. Move the cursor through the side of the screen, and change control of the mouse to the work area, Mac. Then you can paste the item.

Our Verdict

The greatest grievance we have with mouses is that they are typically adaptable, yet provided that you have a PC.

The applications that are worked for customizations simply aren’t made to work with Apple PCs thus we get the worst part of the deal.

Fortunately, Logitech has helped with this issue with the Logitech Options for Mac. With it, clients can redo the MX Master 3 for their specific workflows.

VicTsing Pioneer Wireless Mouse

Quick Overview

Assuming you’re on the lookout for a reasonable mouse with an illusive horizontal scroll wheel. Then, at that point, look no further than the VictSing Pioneer (PC253A). In addition to the fact that it offers an even horizontal scroll wheel.

However, it additionally includes quiet, material clickers, and brilliant remote availability. And extraordinary battery duration pressed into a comfortable design, and for fraction of the price as compared to others.


Perhaps the best element of this mouse is a genuinely downplayed one. The VictSing Pioneer’s left and right clickers are a flat-out euphoria to utilize. You will never realize that you want quiet clickers under your fingers until you began utilizing this mouse.

The switches are tranquil, yet they actually let out a wonderful snap each time they’re utilized. And they have a sizable amount of material feel to tell you that you effectively tapped on something. It may not be everybody’s favorite, as they don’t have excessively long movement distances. So a few hands might have a change period.


The VictSing Pioneer is shockingly well-designed. At the top, you’ll track down ordinary mouse things. Two buttons, a scroll wheel, and a DPI switching button with 5 settings. You can change the DPI settings to 800, 1,200, 1,600, 2,400, or 3,200.

Encompassing the mouse is the “Y-shaped rubber” grip. The option of the shapes around the mouse added some visual style. Yet more critically, kept your hold firm on the mouse. Over the previously mentioned thumb, the rest are back/forward buttons and a horizontal scroll wheel.

Connectivity And Features

The underside of the mouse welcomes you with the radiant red light of the optical sensor. The on/off switch and a button to switch between 2.4GHz mode and the two Bluetooth modes. Tragically, the mouse utilizes a miniature USB port for charging (rather than USB-C). And strangely, the mouse can’t be utilized wired.

The genuine dark horse is the horizontal scroll wheel, which is directly taken from Logitech’s book. An addition like this on a mouse so modest is energizing. It’s not quite as rich and smooth as Logitech’s performance. But rather as the main other-level parchment wheel available, it takes care of business.

The battery is publicized to keep going for one year on a solitary charge. It’s prepared to do “quick charging”, as per the item page. And is promoted to give one year of charge when charged for two hours. One component that we didn’t anticipate getting a charge out of so a lot was the three fast switch availability modes that are incorporated into the mouse.

There is a 2.4GHz collector and two separate Bluetooth profiles that the mouse employments. Exchanging between the three matched gadgets was speedier and more consistent than I anticipated from such an economical mouse.

It required a simple second to switch between associations after flicking the switch at the lower part of the mouse.

Our Verdict

The VictSing Pioneer is an incredible mouse for its price. Considering the elements it has, between the even horizontal scroll wheel, and extraordinary remote capacities. With quiet clickers and a comfortable design, it could run a lot.

Moreover, its generally expected cost and it would in any case be a take. Notwithstanding, remember that this mouse is left with miniature USB charging. No software companion and the horizontal scroll wheel doesn’t work with all applications.

In the event that you wish to substitute your mouse for a straightforward wireless mouse. The VicTsing Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse could be an incredible gadget in your corner. It brags about a tough constructed body, wireless advantage, and 800 to 2400 DPI settings. All at an extraordinary beginning value that is truly difficult to turn away from.

Razer Naga Trinity Pro

Quick Overview

The Razer Naga Trinity is an extraordinary, flexible gaming mouse on account of its swappable side panel design. Regardless of whether you play FPS or MMO games, you’ll observe a button design that is great for you.

This is a wired-just mouse with extremely low idleness, which is extraordinary. It’s likewise viable with Razer Synapse 3, which permits a lot of customization. Notwithstanding, it’s a piece massive, so it won’t be incredible for voyaging or then again assuming you have more modest hands.

In any case, the Naga Trinity is all-around assembled and incredible for gamers who like a more extensive and taller body.


The Naga series’ signature feature is its interchangeable side panels, which let you trade among three arrangements of side fastens; the standard two-button setup, a six-button “MOBA” development, and the 12-button MMO keypad.

They associate attractively, fitting properly and effectively, yet without adding an excess of opposition when you take one off. It’s fast and simple to change the mouse freely between games.

Razer additionally cleverly concealed a capacity compartment for the mouse’s remote dongle behind the side panel for safe, easy transport.

All things being equal, the flexibility of having different boards proves to be useful. Having 12 buttons on your mouse can become awkward when you don’t effectively need them around, so it’s great to have the choice to remove them from the situation while you’re working or perusing the web.

Similarly, while you will love adopting a maximalist strategy to inputs, it’s great all the time to have the choice to manage the number of buttons when you needn’t bother with them.


The Naga Pro games Razer’s Focus+ sensor, which tracks at up 20,000 DPI and is evaluated precisely at up to 650 inches each second. While you won’t ever require that sort of following in an MMO, you’ll get superior execution in MOBAs and other reflex-serious games.

Razer likewise traded in its optical mouse switches, which are evaluated for an enduring 70 million clicks. Razer’s additionally added its exclusive remote charging contacts to the underside of the mouse, which are viable with the Razer Mouse Dock.

You can immediately place the mouse on and off charge, and it adds a USB passthrough space for the mouse’s remote dongle and it looks inconceivably smooth around your work area.

You’re placing the mouse on a strict platform; considering how costly and include rich it is, that seems OK.

Accuracy and Precision are among the main elements in a mouse for visual depiction and filmmaking. A mouse for video altering ought to likewise have speedy and simple admittance to as often as possible involved controls for applying cuts, alters, channels, and impacts.

Since these needs are shared by no-nonsense gamers, it’s nothing unexpected to see that a Razer gaming mouse-the Naga Trinity, explicitly likewise makes probably the best pick for visual communication and video altering projects.


The Naga Pro likewise adds a few new “Ace” highlights. Dissimilar to “A definitive” mice, it upholds Bluetooth, notwithstanding its exclusive “Hyperspeed” 2.4 GHz remote association by means of a USB dongle.

I actually favor the more steady 2.4 association, as it is doubtful to slack, however, both function admirably and Bluetooth enjoys its benefits, such as having the option to interface with a more extensive scope of gadgets and longer battery life.

Either way, however, the Naga Pro gets astonishing battery duration. As indicated by Razer, it should endure as long as 150 hours over Bluetooth and as long as 100 hours over a 2.4 GHz association.

Remember that those numbers are with the RGBs off. With most remote mice, you ought to hope to get around 35-40 percent of that with the lights on.

Synapse has some additional twists with the Naga Pro. The information planning screen lets you remap the input for each of the three side plates whenever on a profile-by-profile premise.

Exchanging between the various plates by squeezing little roundabout symbols at the lower part of the mouse map, it’s not difficult to consider and change your mouse inputs for each circumstance.

This appears to be particularly useful for individuals who intend to make game-explicit mouse profiles, as you can consider how you would play each game utilizing each set of buttons and immediately set up each guide.

Our Verdict

Albeit this mouse is designated fundamentally for Windows clients, Razer’s Synapse application is accessible for macOS. It functions admirably on Mac, giving the capacity to completely alter the enormous exhibit of buttons found on the mouse.

This permits you to set off key successions from applications like Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, or Photoshop that you would some way or another need to punch in on your console, drastically accelerating your work process if your work keeps you in applications like these days in and day out.

The Synapse application likewise allows you to have numerous profiles connected to the different applications you use on a regular premise, so you can tailor the buttons to perform various activities in Premiere or Illustrator, and you can flip between profiles while working in various modes. For instance, you should utilize one bunch of key tasks while collecting and altering in Premiere, however, have them planned diversely while you’re sitting down impacts. This mouse can deal with these undertakings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Bottom Line: Which is the Best Alternative to Apple Magic Mouse for you?

At the point when it comes down to which mouse is perfect, it’s down to individual inclinations. The most compelling thing is that you get a mouse that has every one of the highlights you need.

We love the Logitech M720 on the grounds that it’s so flexible. The capacity to have three associations all the while permits you to utilize it with different gadgets without agonizing over blending it each time.

Assuming that you’re searching for a comparative look and feel to the Magic Mouse, the Logitech Pebble is presumably the nearest. It may not be a touch device, yet the low profile and flat top make it easy to use for left or right-handed people to use, and it has a very tranquil snap system, so it never gets irritating.

Finally, assuming you like to game by any means, the SteelSeries Rival 650 is an extraordinary gaming mouse that doesn’t cost many dollars. It has exceptionally low info slack and extraordinary precision, making it ideal for clicking heads in your cherished shooter or telling soldiers or the most recent RTS game. But if you want to go for the very best then Razer Naga Trinity Pro is the one for you.