Best Google Maps Alternatives

Best Google Maps Alternative in 2023

Find out the best Google Maps alternative in 2023 which are accurate, fast, and with a lot of features.

It was not too long ago when we have to use road Atlas for trip planning and navigation. Then this road atlas was digitalized and now we see this atlas as Google Maps.

It is the default and most popular navigation among Andriod and web users. People use Google Maps to check distances, find locations, translate foreign languages, and see the best route for their navigation along with living traffic status as well.

Reasons to Try Google Map Alternative

If these Google maps are so great then why do we seek alternatives? The first reason is simple, countries like China run a pretty tight ship when it comes to regulation, making Google Maps as good as useless. Secondly, the users who are not interested in allowing Google to make a profit from users’ data.

Among these alternatives, some Navigation applications provide additional services such as weather reporting, ride-hailing, and much more. This could turn out another reason to try the Google Maps replacement.

Well, here is the list of Best Google Maps replacements that aids in maintaining your privacy and provide you with the same comfort and ease as Google Maps.

Top 10 Best Google Maps Alternatives

Best Google Maps Alternatives
Best Google Maps Alternatives

Most of the apps are available for both Android and iOS.

It must be noted that there are 3 Web applications instead of mobile apps in the list. We included them as they also provide a premium map and navigation services.

MAPS.ME – The Best Offline Google Map Alternative

Pros Cons
Works Offline Annoying Adds
Includes traffic and subway layers Can’t search for specific businesses’ Locations
Discover Nearby Fewer features than Google Maps
Low Storage Consumption
Bookmark and share locations

MAPS.ME is the quickest offline map you can find. This is only a mobile-based application that works with both Apple and Android. This application pre-downloads your maps and you can use them later on.

The second best thing about this map is it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is not as bloated as Google maps. It offers some additional features such as walking directions, road and off-road routes, hiking trails, bicycle tracks, footpaths, and the route names for all the maps downloaded.

It also has a similar “Near Me” feature to Google Maps. This feature basically lets you discover all the places such as pharmacies, Fuel stations, Restaurants, and many more that are near to your location. However, there is a difference in that it gives you access to curated travel guides for numerous destinations across the globe. You can also bookmark a location and send it to friends, this is perfect for planning hiking.

If we compare it to google maps then it has fewer features as compared to Google maps. It frequently displays ads that are annoying and if you want to remove ads then you have to buy the premium version. Lastly, you can’t search for business addresses you have to search for only map addresses. Overall, this is the fastest most offline map and you can use it perfectly in your vehicle as well.

Map Quest – One of the Best Navigation Systems

Pros Cons
Best for using Public TrasportAnnoying ads that block the map view.
Directions include estimated fuel costs slightly less accurate than Google Maps
One-button tool for finding everythingDoesn’t update as frequently
Additional features

MapQuest is the best navigation tool if you use public transport more often. This application lets you compare all the local transportation available at that time. It also calculates the distance and fare so you can decide which one is best for you.

You can even directly book rides like Uber or car2go directly with it, which is a great perk and if you want to travel by foot it not only shows your live direction but also the number of calories you have burnt.

When it comes to features it is almost as good as google maps. It offers some additional features such as automatic re-routing, real-time traffic conditions, ETA, the ability to detect cameras, accidents, construction sites, slow-downs, location-sharing, weather reports, and roadside assistance. Some similar features include turn-by-turn navigation, bookmarking, best route, satellite view, and nearby locations to visit.

Despite all this, MapQuest displays annoying ads which can be a deal-breaker. Moreover, it lacks Street View which gives you a panoramic view and the second thing it lacks is Experience MapsGL which provides you with a 3D and 45-degree view of particular locations.

Google Maps is embedded on the entire market share in terms of the web so it updates more quickly than MapQuest which is embedded on only less than 10k sites. This reduces its accuracy and it is less user-friendly than Google Maps. But still, it has many features which can convince you to use this application.

Waze – Personalize Navigation Experience

Social driving experienceMaps are less detailed
Better warnings about obstructionslacks features and maps are more animated
Integration with your music apps
Interact with other users

Waze is a social GPS navigation app that allows drivers to build and use live maps & real-time traffic updates to improve their daily commute. This is perfect for someone who enjoys live interaction more with other users.

The Live Map allows you rapidly to look for destinations and plan routes, click areas on the guide to drop pins or add destinations, and utilize the Waze Map Editor to tweak your own map of any area. This is more of a social map tool like everyone has access to live maps therefore you constantly get up-to-date information on traffic, police alerts, camera warnings, etc.

You can also integrate with your music apps for a better user experience. 

Waze is better in providing warnings about crashes and speed traps in real-time and re-routes for you whenever this happens. Google will flag traffic or speed traps, but the difference with Waze is that it won’t re-route for you.

This Application is less detailed than Google Maps and it has fewer features than Google Maps. But its customization and unique live map features make it fun to use.

This works on the phone and has a web version. Waze app and Google Maps are both free for anyone who wishes to use them. So, if you want to most recent updates, chat, and listen to music then this is the navigation tool for you.

Bing Maps – Almost same details as Google Maps

Not App Available, Only Browser Experience.

Extremely detailed mapsConsumes more data
User-friendly InterferenceNo trip planner
Save places to your personal libraryNo Mobile Application
Outstanding Arial view

Bing maps are the closest alternative to Google Maps but with a cleaner interface and easier navigation. The best thing about these maps is that they are ads-free just like google maps.

Bing maps are powered by Microsoft so it has more detailed layers as compared to Google maps. They have all controls aligned on the top of the map for easy accessibility.

Bing maps have streetside, aerial, and road layers, as well as driving, walking, and transit maps. But its Arial view stands out from the rest of the navigation providers.

Bing maps usually pick different routes than Google maps. But Google maps routes come out on top when it comes to journey planning. One more key feature is that you can mark a place and save it in your personal library and share those places as well.

Now let’s talk about its cons firstly, there is no mobile app for bing maps you have to open a browser on your device and then navigate to bing maps in order to use them. Secondly, it has more layers as it is more detailed so it utilizes more data than your average navigation tools.

Lastly, it has no trip planner which is essential for every trip. Still, it is a great app, and If you want some extra detailed maps, and incredible 3D views then give Bing Maps a pop.

Navmii – Best Map App for Safety and Privacy

Pros Cons
Detailed reports Fewer features than Google maps
Additional trip planning apps integrationSlower updates
strong privacy policy
Aesthetically Appealing interface

Navmii is another reliable mapping and navigation app that you can use on your iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. it has more useful features than Google maps.

The best feature is that it provides detailed reports about accidents and construction sites and ensures you a safe and fast journey. It has a great trip planner as it uses additional apps like TripAdvisor integration while planning your journey.

It has a unique appeal and charm if you are sick of the same Google maps interference then it’s time for a change. Navmii has an animated aesthetic on Navmii that features animated icons on the screen that shows your location and other users’ locations.

Navmii is free to use just like Google maps and also has features like offline maps and smart auto-rerouting when road and traffic conditions change.

One of the key features is its privacy policy they said “Navmii will not share your contact details with any advertiser unless explicitly permitted or required by law.”

The only thing that will stop you from using these maps is their updates which are considerably slow as compared to Google maps. Otherwise, it is one of the best navigation tools to use so give it a try and you will love it.

HERE WeGo – Good for Planning Trips

Pros Cons
Advance trip planningAdding stops while en route is more difficult
 faster to plot a route and start navigatingFewer features than Google Maps
Fewer distractions in navigation mode
Strong Privacy Policy

HERE WeGo might not be as popular as Google Maps but its unique features attract users to at least give it a try. This company has 35 years of experience in making maps and covers 200 countries and has 21 million vehicles providing real-time data.

This is one of the reasons consortiums of BMW, Audi, and Mercedes were willing to cough up $3 billion to Nokia for this app. It has both web and mobile applications and its crown jewel is its advanced trip planning.

It provides you with multiple route options like taxi, transit, or car-sharing routes.

This application specializes in different types of transportation for instance subway, metro, bus, train, ferry, bike, and trolley. Its advanced trip planning not only provides you with information about famous places to visit but also where to park and much more.

When it comes to usage with just a couple of taps, you can switch to satellite, transit, traffic, or classic view. Setting up is even more simple you just have to add your home address then launch your destination and leave the rest to the HereWe Go application.

When it comes to adding a stop on your planned trip this seems to be more difficult than Google maps. It has ar fewer features than Google Maps and other tools for instance Street View and others.

Its privacy policy is another reason you want this application as they said “We do not associate your Location Data or Place Information with your other personal information, such as HERE account unless you have asked us to do so.”

In short, this application is for those e-users who are minimalists as this app lacks distractions from their navigation app.

Sygic Maps – Best looking UI and Integration System

Voice-guided NavigationLimited to private vehicles only
Car Audio IntegrationFewer features as compared to Google maps
Updates frequently
Stunning Visuals

Sygic Maps is one the most downloaded software for navigation and mapping. Its stunning visuals and details make it unique and its offline support is just icing on the cake.

Sygic offers voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and supports multiple languages. Its salient features are maps, pedestrian navigation, 3D orientation, lane guidance, alternative routes, and junction views.

This application offers car audio integration so you can listen to music along with alerts on police traps, fixed speed cameras, and speed limits.

Sygic maps get updated every two minutes as it relies on TomTom Traffic whereas Google maps draw data from the application itself, android devices, and other devices with GPS from around the world.

This application is only limited to private vehicles but Google Maps supports private and public transport and other transit options such as bicycles, motorbikes, taxis, pedestrians, rideshare, and many more.

In general, Google maps has more features compared to Sygic Maps. If you want to try out something different then give Sygic Maps a try as both are free.

Citymapper – Recommended fo Public Transport

Pros Cons
Best for public transportAdvanced features require a subscription fee
A direct and straightforward approach and easy to use Only targets specific people
Advanced features such as rain warning fewer features than google maps
Saves locations and arranges public transport

Citymapper is the most unique entry on the list. As its name suggests it is s built to show you routes and directions exclusively for traveling via public transport.

This application excels in making public transit easy for people as it has an up-to-date database with all of the public transport routes that will help you navigate your way through the city and never miss a bus again. Its transport is not limited to buses and cars only but its journey planner includes buses, metro, subways, trains, ferries, Uber car-sharing, trams, and more.

These maps feature the Go assistant feature that offers real-time instructions while navigating it is more like the Google drive mode. Moreover, it has a built-in Uber integration that offers assistance with cab booking and Foursquare.

Citymapper provides you with all the details about their arrival, departure, and timetable via updates from Twitter and Yelp. They always make sure that you get notified about the live transit every time.

This application uses Artificial Intelligence to categorize as many routes as it can to a particular place, all on one screen while, Google maps gives you a single route to follow. Citymappepr has a direct and straightforward approach when it comes to interference.

All you need to do is mark the places like “Home” and “Work” and leave the rest up to this application as it will provide you with all routes and transportation options available for it.

Citymapper has a highly reliable and convenient approach to transit information and it is free to download and use but its advanced features like rain warning and personalization require a subscription fee.

OpenStreetMap – Wikipedia of Maps

Pros Cons
Open Source and easy to useFewer features than google maps
frequently UpdatedNo mobile app is available
Multiple layers and highly detailed maps
Strong privacy Policy

OpenStreetMaps are like the Wikipedia of map world. It is an open-source project means everyone can contribute to its endless growth. It is famous for its accuracy as it gets updates from users all the time and from all over the world.

This makes OpenStreetMap highly interactive and popular among users, making the selection of maps bigger and the quality better every day as its database continues to ever grow.

As we have mentioned earlier that its database gets updated by its users. So, these are easy to use and relatively easy to edit for developers, too.

These are highly detailed maps and they have multiple layers as well. These layers are very accurate for route planning as they include Cycle Map and Transport Map layers as well. You can do almost everything you can on any other map like save your own routes, get directions, add comments and the list goes on.

One of the best things about these maps is their privacy policy as they do not depend on o providing data to advertisers.

So, this makes them the most user-friendly option out there. They only collect your email address and no additional data is necessary. OpenStreetMap can only be accessed through the web and no mobile app is available for it.

Moreover,  entering the origin and destination is not as intuitive as other mapping services. Regardless, it is an alternative to Google Maps so, make sure to give it a try.

Rand McNally – Simple Google Map Alternative with a Satellite View

Simple and Easy to use No mobile application
High level of details No transit, walking, or other layers
impressive satellite ViewFar fewer features than any other online map tool.
The zoom tool is fast and simple to use

It is one of the well-known names in the world of maps. They used to publish traditional map books and they didn’t want to be left behind in this modern digitalized world.

So, they launched an online web version of their traditional maps today known as Rand McNally online maps. Their website is easy to use as it is really simple to use and resembles their signature Atlas.

In order to get started just simply type your origin and destination and click Get Directions to different routes to your destination. You can use the zoom tool which is extremely fast and you can even mark and save locations.

One thing that you will notice is that their maps have an extra level of detail just like their traditional ones. You can easily spot even the smallest bodies of water and even obscure walking trails.

Rand McNally maps don’t have any kind of transit and walking layers that you will find on other navigation services providers such as Google maps. But, it still has an impressive satellite view which enables you to see the counters of the land.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any Rand McNally mobile app but their website can be easily accessed to plan any trip. So, if you are a fan of old maps atlas and find difficulty in using modern tools then these maps might be for you. As they provide the same sense of adventure as you get using conventional road atlases.

Conclusion: Which Google Map alternative you should try first?

To sum up all these mapping applications everyone here is a winner as they have all their own benefits and drawbacks when compared to Google Maps.

Everything depends on your travel plans, how you plan them, and what sort of mode of transport are you using. For instance, if you are always traveling around, then your selected mapping application must have offline access and a driving or navigation feature. On other hand, if you are exploring a city then your maps must have a high level of detail.

We know this Google map is an advanced mapping and excellent navigation tool. But in my opinion, the other options provide a much more personalized experience with a cleaner interface. Maybe it is time to ditch Google Maps for the one which truly meets your expectations and fulfills your needs.

Do try these alternatives and let us know in the comments section below which Map App you prefer.