How to clean up Duplicate Photos in Google Photos

Google Photos is a great way to store and organize your photos. However, if you have a lot of photos in your library, it can be difficult to keep track of which ones are duplicates.

Learn how to clean up duplicate photos in Google Photos using the built-in tools. We will also discuss some tips for preventing duplicate photos from being created in the first place.

Remove or Clean up Duplicate Photos in Google Photos

Removing Duplicate Photographs in Google photos is a relatively simple task here we have enlisted 3 methods:

  • Built-in Duplicate Detection
  • Third-Party Apps
  • Manually Remove Duplicate Photos

Built-in Duplicate Detection In Google Photos

Google, itself, tries to prevent exact duplicate copies with an “identical duplicate detection” highlight. This will filter the items and metadata of any picture you transfer to the cloud and check to ensure you haven’t already transferred it. The feature is automatically enabled and will erase copies without any user input.

Be that as it may, it has constraints with regard to what it will erase. And there are a few stages you can follow to work on the effectiveness.

Use Google Photos, Not Google Drive

It’s feasible to transfer picture documents to either your primary Google Drive or Google Photos.

In any case, you ought to utilize just the last option i.e Google Photos, since copy recognition can’t analyze between various applications in Google Workspace. On other hand, Google Photos can distinguish indistinguishable pictures with various names.

Make sure That the Duplicate Detection Is Working on Your Device

Pick an image that has been transferred to your account and try uploading it again once more.

You’ll see an “item uploaded” popup in the base right corner, however, Google Drive won’t add it to your folder or album collection.

Assuming it shows up, you should converse with Google client assistance, as you can’t activate the duplicate detection manually.

 Use Third-Party Apps to Remove Duplicates

In spite of Google’s own identification being fairly unremarkable. There are free third-party solutions to assist with eliminating duplicates from your cloud storage.

Despite the fact that you can find many projects on the web that can do this, for example, “Duplicate File Finder, Cleaner for Drive” or “Duplicate Photo Cleaner,” they all follow a similar 4-step process:

  • Download the software
  • Provide the software access to your Photos
  • Scan Photos for Duplicates
  • Erase the Duplicate Photos

Try to really look at every one of the pictures carefully before erasing, them to forestall the accidental deletion of an image that is not a duplicate.

Manually Remove Duplicate Photos In Google Photos

Assuming you find that neither the built-in software nor the third-party applications are equipped for eliminating your duplicates.

At that point, the best thing to do is to go through the pictures and manually erase them.

How to manually remove duplicate photos?

Go through all of your photographs and search for an identical pair.

As Google sorts them by date, they’re probably going to be close to one another, and you may not have to move this way and that much.

You can tap on the picture to see it in more detail and get different choices.

In the upper right corner, there’ll be a garbage bin symbol, which you want to choose to erase the picture.

Click the “move to trash” button to erase the picture.

The image will remain in your junk folder for 60 days in the event that you remove the wrong one.

However, after this period it will be lost forever. So, choose carefully

Tips to Avoid Google Photos Duplicates

The first thing to understand is that always try to avoid duplicates made in the first place. The most effective way to do this is by keeping every one of your photos on a single Google account or interfacing them through MultCloud. This increases the chance that the built-in detection will delete your duplicates.

Another choice is to turn off the features like “backup & sync” and on second thought manually transfer photographs to your Google account. This will allow you to control the photos that get moved from your hard drive to your cloud storage, and you can safeguard them while they’re on your PC with any good online backup provider.

On the off chance that you care less about the presence of duplicates and basically need the space back, you should switch from “original” to “high quality.”This will give you admittance to unlimited picture storage at the cost of a decrease in quality to 16Mega Pixel.

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