How to Delete Google & Gmail Account?

If you’re looking for a way to delete your Google account and Gmail account permanently, you are definitely at the right place web page.

But first, there are a few things to consider before you can permanently delete your google account:

  • You will lose access not only to Google services but to the data stored in your account. That includes emails, contacts, calendars, and photos.
  • You will also need to update your email address everywhere you use it including as a recovery email for your bank account or for subscriptions.

Keep in mind that deleting your Google account is a permanent action – once it’s gone, it’s gone for good! So if you’re not sure that this is what you want to do, be sure to read through all of the information carefully first.

How to Delete Google Account?

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Delete your Google Account Permanently

To delete your Google account, go to and sign in.

In the “My Products” section, click “Delete your account or services”.

Follow the instructions to delete your account.


  1. Open an internet browser, and go to your Google account.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Select the Data and Privacy segment.
  4. Look to More Options.
  5. Select “Erase your Google Account.”
  6. Enter your secret key, then click “Next.”
  7. You will see a “Erase Your Google Account page.”
  8. To download your information prior to erasing your account, click “download your information.”
  1. Look to the lower part of the page and actually take a look at two boxes: one recognizing you are as yet liable for forthcoming charges and the other affirming you need to erase this record and the entirety of its information. Then click the “Erase Your Google Account” button.
  2. You will see a page affirming that your account has been erased.

Remember deleting your Google Account is not the same as deleting your Gmail Account. So, In order to delete a Gmail account follow the next instructions.

How to Delete Gmail Account?

From Desktop

Stage 1. You first need to sign in to your Google Account and go to the Management area.

Stage 2. You ought to have the option to see a framework close to your client’s symbol. Click this, and afterward select the Account choice.

Stage 3. On the left-hand side route, pick Data and personalization.

Stage 4. This will open another window showing Download, erase or make an arrangement for your information. At that point, pick Delete assistance.

Stage 5. Now, you might observe that you need to sign in for the sake of security. Whenever incited, do this. Then, at that point, look down to observe your Gmail account.

Stage 6. Click Delete and afterward adhere to the directions that Google gives you to erase your record.

From Andriod Phone

Stage 1. On your Android device, open up the Settings options.

Stage 2. Look down and you ought to have the option to observe the Google area inside Settings.

Stage 3. Select Google account.

Stage 4. Then, click on the Data and Personalization choice.

Stage 5. Choose Download, erase or make an arrangement for your information.

From iPhone with Gmail App

Stage 1. Ensure that you have the Gmail application on your device.

Stage 2. Open up the Gmail application and afterward pick Menu.

Stage 3. Then Select Settings > record > Manage your Google account.

Stage 4. Find Data and personalization and snap that.

Stage 5. This will open another window. Select Delete a service.

Stage 6. Now, you might observe that you need to sign in for the sake of security. Whenever provoked, to do this. Then look down to observe your Gmail account.

Stage 7. Pick Delete and afterward adhere to the directions that Google gives you to erase your record.

How to Recover a Deleted Gmail Account?

It *might* be possible for you to recover a deleted Gmail account if you’re fast enough. Time is of the essence here.

If you’ve had a change of mind and want to try and recover a deleted Gmail account, then you can follow these steps.

Stage 1. Go to the Google Recovery page.

Stage 2. Type in the email address that you are endeavoring to recuperate and click Next.

Stage 3. On the off chance that you receive a message that the record doesn’t exist, then we’re worried you’re up the creek without a paddle. The record is completely erased.

Stage 4. On the off chance that you get the brief to include the most recent secret word, bless your lucky stars. Enter the secret key.

Stage 5. You should now see a triumph message.

Stage 6. Click on the Google Apps lattice in the upper right-hand corner. Select Gmail and afterward enter your telephone number for check purposes. Click Submit.

Stage 7. Pick how you might want to check – either by a call or SMS.

Stage 8. Enter the check code that you received.

Stage 9. That’s it! You’ve figured out how to recuperate an erased Gmail account.


As it may be obvious, erasing a Gmail account is all really direct. Regardless of which device you erase it on, the method is not that difficult.

Remember that erasing your Gmail account doesn’t erase your primary Google account.

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