How do I Permanently Disable the Windows 10 update?

Here you will learn how to permanently disable the Windows 10 update, and there are not one but FOUR methods to do that.

Windows updates are essential for keeping your device safe and healthy. They fix the bugs and close the security Loopholes. They provide us with new features & driver updates, ultimately keeping Windows streamlined.

That all said Windows updates can also cause problems for your device too, especially in case you a using a cracked copy of Windows 10.

Furthermore, some software may stop working after the update, causing errors.

So, nevertheless, there is a need for an option to disable the update, which Microsoft didn’t bother to provide. Users can pause the update for a certain time period but there is no permanently disabling option.

4 Methods to Permanently disable the Windows 10 Auto-update

disable the Windows 10 update permanently
Disable Windows 10 Updates

Method 1: Temporarily disable Windows 10 Update

This will disable all the updates temporarily till the date you have selected and this will make sure when you proceed to Method 2 the system does not crash. It must be noted that the Windows update will not turn on itself

Step 1: Go to the start menu and then navigate to settings

Step 2: Go to the Windows update and security option

Step 3: Right there you will see Advance options at the bottom of the list click at that

Step 4: Uncheck all the options and choose the last date in the pause update section

Method 2: Disable Windows Update via Services.msc

After disabling the Windows update temporarily we need to find a way a concrete these settings for this purpose you have to follow the following steps

Step 1: Press window + R and type services.msc and hit enter

Step 2: Now find the Windows Update service double click on it

Step 3: Now push stop and then go to startup type and select disable

Step 4: Go to the recovery tab and select ” Take no Action” along with that type “0” days inside the reset fail count after. Now apply the settings and that’s it.


Method 3: Permanent Disable of Windows Update with gpedit.msc Command

This is going to serve as the core for permanently disabling Windows updates. Follow the guide carefully because you do not want to miss this one up

Step 1: Press the Windows key along with R to open the run program now type “gpedit.msc” and hit enter.

Step 2: Expand the “Administrative templates” and then go to “Windows Component”.

Step 3: Find the Windows update folder here and on the right-hand side find “Configure Automatic Updates” and select it.

Step 4: Double-click on the Configure automatic updates and select disable. Click Apply and then click OK.

Now we have successfully disabled windows updates. now we have to make sure that the one already downloaded does not install on the computer. In order to do this follow these steps

Method 4: Disabling update with taskschd.msc

Step 1: Press the Windows key along with R to open the run program now type “taskschd.msc” and hit enter

Step 2: Expand Task Scheduler Library, select the Microsoft folder, and then expand the Windows folder.

Step 3: Inside the Windows Folder click on “Windows Update”.

Step 4: Change the status of all the files in Windows Update to “Disable”. You can do this by right-clicking on the menu and selecting the disabled icon.

Restrict Data Usage for Windows

Now we have disabled all the updates now we have to restrict the data usage for windows. This will provide internet speed to the software without wasting the speed on windows update files. In order to do this follow these steps

Step 1: Open the Start menu and select settings.

Step 2: Go to Network and Internet and select the type of connection. ( WIFI if you are using one or you can select LAN if you are using it).

Step 3: Click on the connection properties and Turn on “Meter Connection”.

This will restrict the windows apps from using excessive data and you can now enjoy the full speed of the internet.

Remember you have to follow all of these methods in order to completely shut down the Windows updates.

You can also turn on the update again by just reversing the methods described above.

It is recommended to update your PC at least once a month and then you can turn the updates off by using this guide.

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