find Someone on Snapchat without Username or Number

Find Someone on Snapchat without a Username or Number

It may seem impossible to find someone on Snapchat without their username or number, but it’s not. There are a few options that you can explore to help locate this person.

If you have been on Snapchat lately or have a teen in your life, I’m sure you’ve heard of the “ghost emoji.” It has even been termed an “internet mystery,” with different people claiming to know how to get it.

What’s funny is that I actually went looking for some not too long ago and came up short. Except I did find a way through a third-party app called Snapcodes which will be discussed later in this article.

Let me first cover what probably seems like an obvious tip: Get into the right mindset. This isn’t Facebook or Twitter, where everyone knows your name and can find you with that information alone. Snap Chat is different!

Ways to Find Someone on Snapchat without a Username or Number

find Someone on Snapchat without Username or Number
Find Someone on SnapChat without Username or Number
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Now I know what you’re thinking… “But I need to tag someone for my Snapcode to work!” Unfortunately, that’s true, but there is a workaround.

  • Using Snapcodes:

Luckily, even though tagging people in photos isn’t ideal, another feature called Snapcodes works perfectly well for this situation. Basically, instead of typing someone’s username, which might be fake or too hard to decipher, you can take a photo of your Snapcode and send it as a message.

The person on the other end will add you by going into their own Snapchat app and finding the option for finding friends via Snapcodes. Easy enough, right?

  • Third-Party Apps:

Now I mentioned that a couple of third-party apps work, but they aren’t great options. Once again, don’t worry about any nefarious intent from these developers since they need permission from Snapchat, which is something they can’t do without an official API.

However, if your goal is really to know how to find someone on Snapchat without a username or number, then feel free to read through this list.

  • Snapspy:

This one seems to be the most popular and what people mean when referring to one of these apps. You take a screenshot of someone’s Snapcode, and it will tell you their username and other info in the app.

  • KnowEm:

While not as well known, KnowEm looks like a much more comprehensive tool than Snapspy, but it doesn’t appear to have any search function for finding people without their username or number, which means you’d need to know someone else’s name or Snapcode ahead of time.

  • Snaptags:

This one seems like it has potential and is mentioned on Reddit and other sites as a possible means to find people on Snapchat without their usernames or number.

However, Snaptags only shows you Snapcodes for verified accounts, typically celebrities or businesses, so I wouldn’t count on this being an option if you’re looking to stay under the radar.