Best Free Android Apps for Photo-Editing

Here we have shortlisted and discussed the Top 5 best android apps for photo editing.

All the apps are free to download.

People love to capture photographs on their smartphones. This was one of the main reason smartphones manufacturers invested more and more into this department. Thus, resulting in immense progress in cameras.

Now, What about the real result? Do the stock camera default image enough for social media upload or does it need some editing?

Well, most of the time, the answer is NO!

Top 5 Best Android Apps for Photo-Editing (Free for Download)

To help you in making your picture worthy of thousands of likes, we have recommended the best Free Android Apps for Photo Editing that will cost you nothing.

These are great software for quick editing and posting pictures on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

  • Photo Editor Pro:

Photo Editor Pro offers a wide range of stylish effects, filters, grids, and drawing tools to help you create an eye-catching photograph.

What makes this application well-suited for editing is its friendly user experience. It offers a quick guide and even a person who has never edited pictures before can edit them with ease.

Moreover, it has Blur Photo mode that enables you to blur parts of your photo to get a DSLR blur effect. Users can also adjust its blur strength.

It also offers a Background changer that enables you to change the background of pictures.

The app uses an Artificial Intelligent cutout tool and a background changer designed to make artwork easily and quickly.

The photo collage feature is also present and is really easy to use by selecting more than one photo to convert.

After you are done editing your pictures you can directly post your artwork to Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

  • Motionleap:

Have you ever wondered to make your pictures live? Well, we have just the right app for you.

This app adds cinematic effects to the photos and it is easy and fast. You do not need a PC for this software just your ANDRIOD smartphone is enough for this task.

You can add different elements such as falling leaves, lightning, waterfall, and many more effects.

Begin by adding pictures to this software and select the desired effect and just wait for the software to use its algorithms to bring your picture to life.

Motionleap is free but some of the effects are paid still, it has many free effects as well. So do try out this amazing software if you are seeking animation in pictures. Apart from the popular features, the user interface is also very clean and friendly.

  • Comics and Cartoon Maker:

Are you a Comic fan?

Comics and Cartoon Maker is a free photo editing app that turns real-life pictures into comics. There are a lot of filters to start with!

You can even add speech balloons to achieve some amazing convincing “comic effect”. So the fact you can add speech balloons makes this application a perfect meme creator.

The app’s simple design guarantees a great user experience.

The app is very well optimized and it can be fine on any android phone; new or old.

Comics and Cartoon Maker also features a sticker gallery.

If you are looking to have fun with friends or you want to make memes try this great app and this will surely live up to your expectations.

  • Afterlight:

This is a universal photo-editing application. If you are want to manipulate lighting conditions in your picture then this the Application you are looking for.

The app offers 15 uniquely made adjustment tools, 59 filters, 66 textures, cropping and transformation tools, and unique frames.

Afterlight is an excellent photo editing tool for users who want to enjoy some advanced controls to give a unique look to the pictures. It is considered one of the most popular yet free photo editing apps on Android.

  • Toolwiz Photos:

This is one complete professional photo editing tool.

It has got everything that ranges from more than 40 magic filters, Art Filters, and fast filters. These are readily available to use.

ToolWiz has got some of the best functions such as Image Processing, Image Tone balancing, Art Effects, and even the best of all High Dynamic Range adjustments.

The photo editing app can change the background, and create a bokeh effect and you can even draw with your hand using this application.

ToolWiz is indeed one of the most comprehensive photo editors available for Free in the Android market.

Click Here to download this amazing tool now and unlock your creativity.


We have done quite some research for suggesting to you the top best free Android apps for photo editing. Now it is up to your preference what suits you the best.