Gaming Laptops with the Best Cooling System in 2023

Buying a gaming laptop is not an easy process. You have to go through a lot of spec sheets just to determine which component is valuable to money. Since a lot of money is involved so you want to choose the perfect thing for yourself. Among, the most important deciding factors in buying a gaming laptop, is its thermal effectiveness. In this post, we have ranked some of the high-end gaming laptops with the best cooling systems in 2023.

Top 10 Gaming Laptops with the Best & Effective Cooling System

On a desktop pc, you can keep hitting everything on the Ultra setting without worrying about its temperature. But, with respect to a gaming laptop, this is just like installing a V8 engine on a mini wagon. The CPU along with a high-end GPU produces a lot of heat that needs to be properly disposed of. If we don’t have a gaming laptop that stays cool then having a powerful GPU won’t matter much.

Now we know something about how laptop deals with enormous heat we are jumping to the Gaming Laptops with Best Cooling Systems.

  • Razer Blade Pro 17

Starting our list with one of the most famous names in the computer gaming department “Razer”. This brand is known for its unrivaled top-of-the-line gaming products and we just had a complete gaming laptop available made from premium materials and provides top-notch performance.

First thing first let us talk about the liquid cooling chamber that utilizes a larger surface area for cooling, the Razer Blade 17 maximizes heat dissipation to maintain the high performance for work and play.

On top of this, all Razer Blade Pro 17 is packed with an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11800H processor that has a 2.3 GHz base clock that boosts to 4.6 GHz when more power is needed which is one of the best in a laptop.

As moving to the display department it gives its users a high-end full High Definition 1080p display with a 360Hz refresh rate. As for the GPU, it has GeForce RTX™ 30 Series GPUs built on award-winning Ampere.

This GPU has Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors to give you the most realistic ray-traced graphics and cutting-edge AI features.

this is Coupled with 3rd-gen Max-Q technologies. All in all these laptops use AI and new system optimizations to achieve even higher levels of performance and speed than their predecessors.

Overall it is a great laptop and you even get razer RGB sense which has 16.8 million colors and changes patterns accordingly.

It perfectly fits the Razer motto” Work hard and Game Hardcore.” the only thing that will prevent you from getting this laptop is its steep price tag but if you have the budget then go for it as it is the top choice of gamers.

  • Alienware area 51M

This is a Dell top-of-the-lane gaming laptop and the best thing about this one is that it is a desktop in disguise as it features an overclock 10 generation core i9K processor.

In addition to this, it features a 17.3” full HD 1080p display with 360Hz screen refresh rate, lightning-fast 32GB DDR4 ram along with overclockable Nvidia RTX 30 series GPU.

This also offers options in AMD Radeon Graphics. The best thing about this one is its unique design which separates it from the rest of the laptops and it offers tons of customizations as well.

Now let’s talk about the most important aspect of a gaming laptop which is its advanced cooling system. This laptop is designed to sustain its peak performance under critical loads as it features advanced vapor chamber cooling technology.

It utilizes phase changing nature of liquid to transfer heat more effectively than a solid piece of copper pipe.

These vapor chambers are more versatile in nature and spread evenly across the entire chip that needed to be cooled. Moreover, it got 10% larger fan blades which ensure high-performance CPU and GPU receive enhanced cooling when the action heats up.

The Final thing that completes the cooling cycle is its chassis it has hexagonal vents that enable enhanced airflow for high performance.

This is one of the best gaming laptops that money can buy but the only flaw is its heavy weight and its premium price if you don’t care about these then this is the perfect laptop for you.

  • HP Omen

If you are seeking a gaming laptop that can serve double as your regular everyday use and can provide you with an unmatched gaming experience at an affordable price then HP Omen is the one.

It offers different configurations for its users who want to optimize areas like graphics, display, and processing power, but regardless of what variant you buy, there are several features that remain consistent. 

Now considering the best variant we get Ryzen 9 5900HX, an RTX 3070 graphics card Q-max edition, and 1TB M.2 SSD storage These are ideal specifications for PC gamers that require portability, or even an ideal hybrid device for students or content creators that can make use of its ports.

It features a 15″ QHD sharp display with a decent refresh rate of 165 Hz which gives you the perfect edge in gaming. In addition to all this, it got crazy RGB lights as well for hardcore gamers but you can also turn it off which makes it office useable as well.

Now the main thing is its cooling system to help cool these high-end components, HP has completely redesigned its cooling system. The Omen 15 is now fitted with larger fans spinning on dynamic bearings, which are powered by a new three-phase motor.

Furthermore, in the new airflow model, vents on the back and bottom of the laptop pull in cool air while these two large fans push out heat through the rear corners.

This laptop has a few setbacks as well the first thing is its chassis which flexes when pressure is applied and its build quality is not even close to a premium device but on top of that the larger fans get noisy and loud as well.

If you can neglect these drawbacks then it’s a great laptop especially if you look at its price range.

  • ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15

The ASUS ROG Strix G15 screams “gaming” from every conceivable angle. The ROG emblem on the lid and an RGB strip across the laptop’s bottom are both lights.

Additionally, the keyboard has RGB backlighting. ROG stands for Republic Of Gamers and this is their premium gaming series laptop so it packs some mind-blowing features as well.

For starters, it got The Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU and Nvidia RTX 3080 mobile GPU to power the gaming laptop, the best of both worlds. The laptop’s performance is on par with certain gaming desktop computers thanks to its high-end specs.

It features a 15.6-inch Quad HD IPS display on the ASUS ROG Strix G15 has a 165Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time which is more than any gamer could bargain for at this price.

The most important thing is that it uses a liquid metal compound for Cooling System. Liquid metal compounds on the CPU improve heat transfer for easier dissipation.

It also has Upgraded fans that boast 84 blades apiece, each reshaped to push more air with less noise and turbulence. Air flows through four heatsinks and fan outlets to rapidly expel heat.

You can even customize system settings on a per-app basis, so cooling and acoustics are optimized automatically for the task the best thing is that you can overclock the GPU as well and still things won’t get noisy.

All in all this laptop is a monster and you could drive for five years straight and still be productive. Overall, if you want a Windows PC for gaming, this may be a good option.

  • Gigabyte AORUS 17G

This laptop didn’t get much appreciation from the community that it deserved. It is an incredible gaming laptop for anyone looking for an alternative to desktop gaming PCs. This powerful laptop is still rocking the tank-like appearance and makes no effort to hide its identity as a dedicated gaming machine.

This is a solid choice for those who attend gaming tournaments often and have to pack the whole PC for it. This is actually your portable PC as it has the best mechanical keyboard that you can find on a laptop along with a 17 “thin bezel Full HD 1080p sharp 300 Hz refresh rate display. What more could you ask for?

As we jump into the specifications we get RTX 3080 along with 11 generation Intel Core i7-10870H which is still a very powerful processor.

You can open up the back of the laptop with a screwdriver to reveal two M.2 slots for storage, as well as two DDR4 slots where you can upgrade your RAM, giving you some flexibility to install additional hardware should you need it.

The AORUS 17G is equipped with the latest WINDFORCE Infinity Cooling System, cooling efficiency is up by 30%, not only does it help the AORUS 17G achieve 100% CPU and GPU outputs but also remains quiet and stable at the same time.

It got Two 12V fans with 51 fan blades that continuously pump out internal hot air along with 5 heatsink pipes and 3 of them are directly over the CPU and GPU.

AORUS never disappoints with its products, and this series of gaming laptops ensure a good position in the sales charts with spectacular gaming performance.

It is not the most extreme unit, nor is it the one with the fastest screen, but its balanced component configuration and large heatsink make it offer higher FPS rates than some devices with RTX 3080.

  • Lenovo Legion 7 

Have you ever heard of gaming on a budget? Lenovo legion 7 is a laptop that specifically targets this community. The best thing about this laptop is its affordable price and unique design that separates it from the rest of the laptops.

As we talk about the specs it offers different configurations to choose from but the best variant has an intel 11th Gen Intel i9-11980HK coupled with 32GB of lightning-fast DDR4 ram and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080with 16GB GDDR6 VRAM.

It got 2x 1TB(2TB total) M.2 PCIe 4.0 slots, and the most important RGB running all across the keyboard of the laptop.

As for the display, it has a 16” 2560×1600 px resolution panel and a refresh rate of 165Hz, with a unique 16:10 aspect ratio.

What makes this really special is it replaces a 15.6” panel without increasing the overall size of the laptop – the bottom bezel just gets smaller.

Lenovo has developed its own Cooling System technology to keep this laptop cool which is the Legion 7i’s Legion Coldfront 3.0 takes the top-of-the-line warm execution considerably with another AI-streamlined interaction.

It comprises a clever admission framework, turbo-charged double fan plan, warm admission vents under-console switches for more wind current, and a quad-channel exhaust framework with worked-on warm blades, and hotness sinks.

  • MSI GL75

The MSI GL75 Leopard has a place with gaming PCs in the 17.3-inch design. It’s powered by a Core i7-10750H Hexa-core processor and a GeForce RTX 2070 GPU. This laptop isn’t obscure to us since it’s the (generally) indistinguishable replacement to the GL75 9SEK.

It has a large screen with full HD 1080 p resolution along with a 144Hz refresh rate and it comes at a decent price. Moreover, it isn’t as flashy as some other laptops on our list so you can also use it for the office and do some gaming as well.

If we turn the laptop upside down and see a good amount of ventilation grills. The air enters the machine from there, and after it is spun up to the speed of sound, it leaves the chassis from four sides. Another thing you’ll find on the bottom plate is the speakers. This keeps the laptop cool even under extreme gaming sessions as well.

It got dedicated thermal solutions for both the CPU and GPU with up to 7 heat pipes, which work harmoniously by minimizing the heat and maximizing the airflow for smooth gaming performance in such a compact chassis.

Overall, this is a great laptop with an affordable price tag so if you are seeking a laptop in this criteria then do give this laptop consideration who knows this might be the laptop you are looking for.

  • Acer predator triton 500

The Acer Predator Triton 500 SE is a gaming laptop that doesn’t just want to be a gaming laptop. It is more likely to fall into the category of more work-friendly gaming rigs.

Acer predator triton 500 has no flashy RBG strips and it has the 2560 x 1600 resolution screen has a taller 16:10 aspect ratio to help with regular old office work.

It is more likely a sleeper PC but doesn’t be fooled by its looks as its top model is powered by a 2.5-GHz octa-core Intel Core i9-11900H processor with 32GB of RAM, a 1TB PCIe SSD with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU with 8GB of VRAM. these are some killer specs for a sleeper PC.

As far as its display is concerned it has a 2560 x 1600-pixel display with a refresh rate of 165Hz. Many gamers like to play at 1440p as it has a good level of detail compared to 1080p gaming without being as demanding as a full-on 4K resolution.

Plus, more times than not, you get a high refresh rate. For day-to-day use, this more than cuts the mustard and is great when gaming.

The display is matte, which minimizes reflections during gaming and shows less glare in casual use. This laptop uses its own Cooling System technology 5TH GEN AEROBLADE™ technology.

This uses wind-guiding Vortex Flow to increase airflow and refine the entire system from intake to exhaust – allowing you to maximize your performance, no matter the task. Its fans have BIONIC DESIGN which is Inspired by silent, powerful flight mechanics examined in animals, we gave our fans a serrated edge, allowing more air to pass through.

Each fan has 89 bionic blades to redirect airflow exactly where intended and further stabilize the fan at high speeds. All in all, this is a fine update to a good gaming laptop line, offering an uncommon screen size and the latest hardware to deliver a powerful, reasonably portable gaming experience. 

  • Eluktronics MAX 15

RP-15 is an ultra-performance gaming laptop from Eluktronics, the company’s first-ever laptop to be equipped with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card. The RP-15 is easily among the top-of-the-line gaming laptops in terms of performance and features.

This is the lightest gaming laptop you will find on our list and it has some killer specs as well. For starters, it got a 15.6-inch QHD IPS to display with a refresh rate of 165Hz.

The colors are quite vibrant although they seem to be slightly distorted at extreme viewing angles making it an antiglare display. As for the processor, it has an AMD Ryzen 9 5900Hx coupled with 32Gb of DDR4 ram.

As far as thermals are concerned it has got a Standard thermal compound, a Cooler Master option, and a Thermal Grizzly option for its Cooling System.

It has got big fans that are impressively silent for their size and the results are surprisingly good as the laptop was under a stress test. It also has an RGB keyboard with 16.8 million colors and different configurations to choose from.

The best thing about this laptop is its price so we get killer specs at a decent price that is more than a gamer could for.

  • Asus ROG GX800VH

The Asus ROG GX800VH, is a liquid-cooled monstrosity of a gaming laptop. Beneath its fully mechanical, RGB-lit keyboard is Intel’s top-of-the-line mobile i7-7820HK processor, which is based on the same Kaby Lake architecture as the i7-7700K and is similarly overclockable.

For GPU it got two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards paired in SLI, 64GB of DDR4 memory, and an 18.4-inch 4K display with G-Sync.

The Hydro Overclocking System provides liquid cooling to all components of its Cooling System, and the route maximizes efficiency. The fresh cool liquid entering the laptop goes straight to the processor and the first graphics card before reaching the second, which typically requires less cooling than the first.

This Hydro Overclocking System boosts the processor clock from 3.2GHz to 4.2GHz automatically, the graphics cards can be overclocked to 1,961MHz, while video memory and DDR4 memory (up to 64GB) can be pushed all the way up to 5,200MHz and 2,800MHz respectively. 

This laptop is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is extremely good and expensive as you have to carry it in a suitcase it is liquid-cooled so there is nothing that beats this.

The laptop itself is physically large and covered in orange highlights, but it comes with both a backpack and a suitcase to carry the accompanying liquid cooling unit around—and the graphics on the suitcase are hardly what you’d call subtle.

Still, the suitcase—is filled with a pre-cut foam insert for the liquid cooling unit and an extra power supply.

Laptop Cooling Tips

Firstly, Don’t block your computer’s vents, as most of the vents are located at the bottom of the laptop so don’t use them on your lap or any surface that block these vents try to use a laptop cooling pad this makes a lot of difference as it reduces the temperature by 5- 10 degrees. Secondly, Avoid using programs that push your computer’s CPU limits.

This seems to be a difficult task while gaming so tries to properly maintain your laptop so it can perform its best during those intense gaming sessions more importantly Clean your computer’s fans and vents this will allow them to function properly and get the thermal compound replaced by a technician once a year.

The thermal compound acts as a layer between the heatsink and CPU so try to get it replaced as the worn-out thermal paste cannot efficiently transfer heat so no matter how well your fans perform your GPU and CPU will get burned if this compound can not perform its job.

How does Gaming Laptop’s Cooling System work?

When it comes to the cooling system of a laptop then we have 3 major components

  • Cooling Fans
  • Thermal pipes and Heat sink
  • Chassis

These are the most crucial part of any cooling system as they are responsible to regulate the heat. Fans used in laptops are not similar to the ones used in PC. As laptop fans are smaller in size but on the same hand, they have more fins.

They usually run at a higher RPM than the PC fans and the most important thing in the cooling system is their location which makes an enormous difference. Because a good aerodynamic structure is imperative for airflow so that overheating can be reduced.

When it comes to functionality the laptop fans draw cooler air inside while exhausting the heat which is being generated by the laptop. From this, we can conclude that as long as the fan does its job of regulating heat properly then the laptop will remain cool. So, everything depends on the airflow and aerodynamics of the laptop.

Cooling fans are attached to the thermal pipes through the thermal paste. This paste is a specialized material that transfers heat from the IHS of the processor to the base plate or water block of the CPU cooler that is designed to dissipate that heat.

These pipes are made from copper and they are connected to the heat sink, which radiates the heat away from the pipes to the exhaust.

The Laptop chassis is the outer shell of a laptop and is also involved in the thermal cycle for dissipating heat away. Manufacturers use either plastic or aluminum for the construction of the chassis but aluminum is more effective in dissipating heat from the laptop.

In some rare cases, some manufacturers even used copper for this purpose but it turns out aluminum works best of all.

Conclusion: Which Gaming Laptop is best for you in-terms of Cooling System?

A laptop is a venture, particularly since they are utilized long haul, and probably the high-end laptops require a lot of money to change. In this way essential to purchase workstations that provide you with the best possible value in each of the features that it offers. There are a ton of variables and perspectives that one requires to contemplate when buying a laptop.

Gaming laptops are one of them, however, another is that you would require workstations with the best cooling. There is no fixing a PC whose fans have broken apart since the system will overheat, and the only option is to purchase another one. Keeping that in mind there are some precautions you can adopt to keep your laptop cool and make it usable for a longer period.

Long story short, these gaming laptops are very much designed to deliver the best gaming experience. From CPU and GPU to their Keyboards and display, you came to know every tech spec in this article. Ideally, this article will assist you with purchasing the best gaming laptop with a stunning cooling system.

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