google pixel 6 everything you need to know

Google Pixel 6: Everything you need to know

Recently, Google announced its latest flagship Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, discontinuing its Pixel XL series. This caught a lot of attention from the tech world.

Here we will talk about the specifications and innovations of the Google Pixel 6. But first, have a glance at its past ventures.

Google Past Ventures: Pixel Generations

Google started its pixel series on October 20, 2016. For the next 3 years, Google made premium phones up till the Google Pixel 3 which was the best phone google ever made till now. Google believed that it could produce stunning photographs using Artificial Technology. So, they have stuck with the same camera hardware a 12.2Mp, 1/2.55″ dual-pixel sensor (1.4µm pixels).

Pixel 4 and 5 were more or less like budget-friendly phones. They didn’t feature a flagship processor and flagship-built materials. They have more or less plastic phones. Google continued to work on its AI and it competed head-on with some of the most advanced hardware.

It is a fact that google disappointed its users with previous pixels 4 and Pixel 5. They shifted towards the budget series and they were having a premium price at the launch. So, the users shifted towards more premium options that were available from its competitors like Samsung, Oneplus, MI, and others.

This all was in history and now Google finally got the wake-up call and decided to make a phone that was anticipated after Google Pixel 3.

Google Pixel 6 Features and Design

google pixel 6 everything you need to know
Google Pixel 6: Design, Camera and Performance

The Google Pixel phone was the most anticipated and long-awaited phone from google. It can be said that google users were waiting for such a device since the google pixel 3 launched. Finally, Google gave major upgrades to the pixel series. Google obsoleted its naming like previous pixels like there is a smaller phone named simply pixel.

While a little bit larger display and battery and this phone are now a “Google Pixel XL”. Well this time, Google finally decided to go with a new name such as Google Pixel and Google Pixel PRO. Now, this pro model has significant changes for instant display refresh rate, a telescope lens in the camera, and finally a significant battery upgrade. Google Pixel 6 series are premium series with the following specifications:

  • Display And Design

This year Google has done something rather unique with the Pixel 6 series. Instead of a camera array tucked in the corner of the device, the cameras are housed in a horizontal strip that stretches across the back of the phone. This has a much more practical advantage when these phones are put on the back they don’t struggle with it due to their camera array and remain relatively flat.

This bar also serves an aesthetic function to separate the dual-tone design of the google pixel very well. The bright shade contrasts with the more muted color that makes up the bulk of the Pixel 6’s back.

This year Google made a rather surprisingly good durable phone which has IP68 water resistance, along with the phone’s display covered in Corning Gorilla Glass Victus for better scratch resistance. In addition to these, it has an in-display fast and accurate fingerprint sensor and they have worked well on minimizing those bezels with the punch-hole front cameras in the middle.

The Pixel 6 offers a 6.4-inch OLED display with an FHD+ resolution. What’s more, Google has equipped the Pixel 6 with an adaptive refresh rate that changes somewhere in the range of 60Hz and 90Hz relying upon your on-screen activity.

While the Google Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.7-inch OLED display with a QHD+ resolution. This holds a better advantage than the Google Pixel 6 as it has an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz along with curvier glass which google calls 3D glass.

  • Dual Tone Color Scheme

Google has changed its color scheme from regular colors to delightful and new amazing colors and has brought a whole new lineup. These colors look new and refreshing as well as deliver a sense of professionalism.

Google has done something new or reversed back to the dual-tone color scheme of pixel 3. Anyway, this looks amazing and astonishing. Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro both have different color schemes.

Source: CNET

  • Google Pixel 6 Color Options

First, we will talk about color options for Google Pixel 6. This phone is available in the following color combinations.

The first color is Stormy Black It is all in one black Although it’s all one color, there’s still a difference in texture between the upper and lower portions of the phone’s back. 

The second color combination is known as Sorta Seafoam. It is a combination of pale green with a touch of lime green. This looks refreshing but this name and look make it an unofficial successor to the “Sorta Sage”.

The last option available for pixel 6 is known as Kinda Cora. This is more vivid at the top in combination with pale orange in the main section. This reminds us of the color “Oh So Orange” of Pixel 4.

  • Google Pixel 6 Pro-Color Options

Now we will tell you about the Google Pixel 6 Pro color options. Google Pixel 6 Pro is also available in 3 different dual-tone colors and you can distinguish them because they have a glossy metal side rail, rather than the matte one on the Pixel 6. The First and only common color option is the all-black version known as Stormy black.

The next color available for pixel 6 Pro is Sorta Sunny. This is a sandy gold edition of Google Pixel 6 Pro. This isn’t a shading Google has offered anything like previously, yet the muffled principle tone coupled with the clear feature over the camera bar makes for a tasteful but classy blend.

The final and last option is named Cloudy White. It is a mixture of silver and slate gray. Some new Pixels have been accessible in “Clearly White,” however the dark stripe across the top gives an impression of a fermenting storm.

  • Google Custom Processor

Qualcomm Technologies and Google have been partners for more than 15 years, starting with bringing the first Android devices to market. This story changes with the all-new Google Pixel 6 series as Google implemented its 20 years of machine learning in a smartphone.

They came up with a custom processor of their own and this processor is said to be the game-changer. As the vice president of Google India said “We have access to state-of-the-art [machine learning] right within Google, yet we couldn’t bring it to our Pixel users. We have this vision for Pixel, and we couldn’t realize that vision”.

  • Tensor Processing Unit

This Tensor processing unit consisted of CPU, GPU, ISP, Security Hub, System Cashe, and TPU. The CPU consisted of two high-performance ARM Cortex-X1 cores at 2.8 GHz along with two “mid” 2.25 GHz A76 CPU cores.

This whole CPU is based on a 5nm process rather than the 7nm original found in flagship phone chips last year. In terms of caparison, this new TPU delivers 80% faster than the Pixel 5’s Snapdragon 765G.

Moving on to the GPU which delivers a premium gaming experience for the most popular Android games. It includes a 20-core GPU which is 370% faster than the Pixel 5, which uses the Adreno 620 GPU.

It has upgraded its security with the help of the Titan M2 security chip which is a CPU-based subsystem that’s isolated from the application processor and dedicated to running sensitive tasks and controls. This advanced security chip helps to stop your phone from being rolled back to an older version of Android that might have security vulnerabilities. It also prevents bootloader unlocking and verifies your lock screen passcode. 

The Image Signal Processor (ISP) highlights an accelerator that runs the HDRNet algorithm, a key explanation for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro can do Live HDR+ Video at 4K 60FPS, all the more effectively. The Context Hub brings “machine learning to the ultra-low-power domain.” It allows the always-on display (AOD), Now Playing, and other “ambient experiences” to “run all the time, without draining your battery.”

  • Camera

This is the area in which all Pixel phones have truly shined and up till now, google was mostly relying on its software to improve image quality. But this all changes with the Google Pixel 6 series as we get major camera hardware upgrades which we all have been waiting for.

Like the previous google Pixel phones, we get two cameras with Pixel 6 and an additional camera with the pixel 6 Pro. Pixel 6 series comes with a 50MP wide-angle lens. That’s joined by a 12MP ultrawide angle camera offering a 114-degree field of view.

You won’t get a telephoto lens like the one offered on the Pixel 6 Pro, but Google promises its Super Res View feature. This provides a digital zoom of up to 7x while you get a 4X optical zoom with pixel 6 pro along with a 20X hybrid zoom. On the front, the Pixel 6 Pro has an ultrawide 11.1MP fixed-focus selfie camera, a step above the Pixel 6′ 8MP regular selfie.

Aside from the hardware upgrades, we get a whole new level of AI with Image processing on these pixel phones. These pixels offer a new feature known as a magic eraser that automatically removes unwanted subjects from your pictures. You can even manually remove the objects you do not need photoshop anymore this all can be done on your phone. Moreover, we get a new special tool to remove the blur from the faces of people who moved just as you snapped a photo. Lastly, the new pixel phone is capable of producing more authentic skin tones particularly when you’re photographing people of color.

  • Battery Life And Charging

We have heard the phrase bigger is better but that has not been the case with the previous Pixel series. But this all changes with Googe Pixel 6 series. With the smaller pixel 6, we get a 4,614 mAh battery and we get 5000mAh with the pixel 6 pro. Both of these devices are capable of 30W wired charging, though you’ll have to spring for a separate 30W charger, as there isn’t one in the box. The Pixel 6 will be able to charge wirelessly at 21W, a slightly slower speed than the Pixel 6 Pro’s 23W wireless charging.

According to Google, these devices will easily deliver a 24-hour+ battery life. That’s a decent claim and we think this area was weaker in previous pixels but it seems good that pixel has finally done something about this.

Last year Pixel 5 had a battery capacity of just 4000mAh which seems insignificant. But the main thing is the Tensor powerhouse that seems to manage this whole battery according to the usage.

  • Stock Andriod 12

A device is only good as the software running it and this is a strong area of the pixel. Google Pixel 6 series comes with a stock Android 12 out of the box and the best thing about this is that Google is providing updates for 3 years with additional 2 years of security patches.

On top of all this Andriod, 12 looks promising and with a pixel phone, you get to enjoy the pure non-bloated version of this android. We see widgets playing a more prominent role in this version of the software.

Moreover, this Android 12 introduces a new material feature that means the phone’s wallpapers adapt to the color of your Pixel, and there are themed icons, too. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about security breaches due to the presence of the new M2 titan chip and tensor.

They strictly monitor the usage of apps are accessing the phone’s location, camera, or microphone. There is a security hub that helps with the management of passwords, app permissions, and Google accounts. This all includes an emergency safety app that alerts your selected contacts when you’re in trouble.

Due to the tensor chip Pixel is able to provide more accurate powerful speech recognition models to build Recorder, which can record, transcribe and search for audio clips, all on the device. Moreover, we get new and improved HDR+ and Night Sight, which used artificial intelligence (AI) to create beautiful images with computational photography. These options are only available to pixel series.

  • Pricing and Options

The most stunning aspect of the Pixel 6 is its cost. Regardless of the multitude of premium components laid out by Google, the organization is selling the Pixel 6 for $599, which is just $150 more than the Pixel 5a.

That is likewise not as much as what Apple charges for the iPhone 13 small, the least expensive of Apple’s most recent phones, and it’s $200 not exactly the expense of the Galaxy S21. Similar is the Pixel 6 pro it starts from $899 and the price increase with the storage option you pick.

In Google Pixel 6 we get two options either choose 128GB 8GB RAM or 256GB 8GB RAM. They cost about $599 and $699 respectively. While the Pixel 6 pro is available in 3 options we can choose 128GB 12GB RAM for $899, 256GB 12GB RAM for $999, and 512GB 12GB RAM the price for this is not revealed yet.

These are pretty good options for the price they are being offered. Aside from this, these have lighting-fast USF 3.1 storage but no expandable SD card slot. So, pick wisely or according to your usage from the options available right now.

As a feature of the Pixel 6 dispatch, Google reported another Pixel Pass in which you’ll pay a month-to-month charge for your new phone while likewise acquiring memberships to Google One for distributed storage, Google Play Pass for games, and the YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium streaming service

Conclusion: Google Pixel 6

As for right now, there’s a ton to process about the Pixel 6, some of it Tensor-powered and some of it standard enhancements you’d anticipate from any new form of a flagship. Since the Pixel 6 is here and we know for specific what’s incorporated with Google’s most recent phone, we’re anticipating focusing on and truly scrutinizing these new components.

Generally speaking, the Pixel 6 appears to be noteworthy as far as how many leaders you get for the cash. Be that as it may, we’ll need to perceive how well each of its new components holds up in day-by-day use.