How to install Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10

In this post, we have explained how to install Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10 with a complete guide.

We have divided this blog into three major parts for your ease so make sure you read all of it.

Before diving into the process, get an overview of Ubuntu Linux as an Operating System

Linux is an open-source operating system. Open source means that its development code is available on the internet and any developer can access it. So, it is a very rich platform and any developer can contribute so it has more community support than any other operating system.

Guide to Install Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10

install Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10
Installation Ubuntu Linux on Windows

Let’s start the process of installing Ubuntu on Windows 10 by first choosing the correct version of Linux:

Choosing the Correct Version of Linux

There are basically two foundations of Linux “Red Hat” and “Debian”.

Debian has more community support however Red Hat is more stable and enterprise-based.

For starters, we recommend Debian-based as it has more community support and if you face any problem regarding this then you can just simply refer to sites like Ubuntu. These sites have an answer to almost everything.

Most importantly if google has something like “How to install or Configure ” any Linux-based application then in most instances it is going to be Debian base. It is the most popular distribution out there.

So we are going to use the Ubuntu desktop because it has the best community support and fairly easy interphase.

Installing The Linux

Step 1: Go to the Ubuntu site and download the Ubuntu desktop.

Download the Long Term Support (LTS) version this is a well-stable version and you can use it up to the next five years.

Click here to download it.

Step 2: The ISO file will be downloaded to your download folder. Now you need a burner tool. We recommend “RUFUS”.

It is a great tool to burn ISO onto your flash drives and it is free.

Click here to download Rufus.

Step 3: Insert your USB drive into the system and run Rufus. Select the ISO files and select the USB and hit start.

This clears out all the tables formatting the USB drive and makes it an Ubuntu drive. Now when the drive is ready we will plug it into the system and boot from it.

Step 4: Now we going to select “Install UBUNTU” and then we going to select “Language”.

STEP 5: We are going to select enable Third-party software for graphics and other drivers and hit continue.

Step 6: We will select to completely wipe the disk to avoid any errors. Note this will completely format the selected drive so be sure the drive is empty.

Step 7: Select the time zone and enter your personal details as well. Now be patient and let it complete the setup.

Step 8: A bootup screen will appear and you have successfully installed Ubuntu on your computer.

Well, this is it and you have successfully installed Linux on your Windows 10.

Getting Started with Linux

Now we have installed Linux now we will do some cleanups. We will teach you how to install and uninstall programs.

The only reporting company of Ubuntu is amazon, so it has an amazon app built-in. So, We going to remove it and they just made it super easy just go to the Ubuntu software as shown and navigate to install and just click remove.

It might prompt for Username and Password just enter the one used in Step 7 Boom it is gone.

For Installing the apps you can just go to them all and install any app that appears in the store for any app that does not appear in-store then you have to use the terminal to install the app.

One quick tip is that press “CTRL+ALT+T” and it will pull up the terminal automatically so you do not have to search for it.

This terminal is basically the software installer for Linux so we will show you in detail how to use it. Now for the installation part

How to Install a program using Terminal in Ubuntu?

Step 1: Make sure that you are ruining the latest version of the terminal. type “sudo” This will allow administrator privilege to the terminal and it stands for “Super User DO”.

Step 2: We are going to install “Php5″ you can install any other software. Now type ” sudo apt-get install php5″.

You just have to know the name of the package you want to install and just type the name of that specific software in php5.

Hit enter.

Step 3: Now it will ask you for permission for extra storage space and ask you ” do you want to continue”.

Press “Y” and hit enter.

That’s all you need to install a package using the terminal.

Video: Ubuntu Linux Installation on Windows

If you are having any trouble regarding the installation of any application using the terminal watch the video below. This will surely help you as it explains and cover each and every step.


I hope you have successfully installed Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10 with the help of the guide. Do share your experience with the latest Ubuntu Linux.

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