How to install Mac OS on a PC

Have you ever wanted a cool Mac book but cannot afford it? You loved the lighting speed of the Mac which even outperforms your high-end windows computer.

Well, the alternative to this is to install Mac OS on a PC and this is quite possible with this simple guide.

This is feasible as the Mac hardware is not much different from the PC. The Apple Mac was powered by intel processors till November 10, 2020, when they introduced their own processor known as the M1 chip series. They also have almost the same GPU as a PC, so it is possible to install Mac OS on a PC.

Ultimate Guide to Install Mac OS on a PC

Mac OS on PC
Install Mac Os on PC


  • 64-Bit Intel PC
  • 16Gb USB
  • TransMac


Pay close attention and follow each and every step for smooth installation.

STEP 1: Go to frree4alldevices and download the desired Mac OS version image file. This is a new link and it is working fine.

STEP 2: Once the download is completed download transmac. Install the software. this software is essential to inject the Mac Operating System image into a USB drive.

STEP 3: Plug the USB pen drive into the computer and run the transmit as the administrator.

STEP 4: Find Your USB on the left side of the screen and right-click it and select “Restore with Disk Image”.

STEP 5: Navigate to where you downloaded the Mac OS image and select it. Click “OK” and wait for the software to finish this may take a while so be patient.

STEP 6: Once the flash drive is ready then prepare the system bios. REBOOT your PC and follow these commands to navigate to SYSTEM BIOS. Every PC company have different keys mapped for entering into BIOS some are listed here

STEP 7: Go to the boot tab and make sure you have UEFI selected as your boot order and have “Secure Boot ” turned off.

STEP 8: Find “SATA OPERATION” under the advance tab and set it to “ACHI”. Save and exit BIOS. Now your PC will reboot.

STEP 9: Insert the USB into the system before the system boots and press the boot option key. Once you get to your boot menu pic your USB drive.

STEP 10: Now let it be as it should be. Clover will automatically boot to the Mac OS Installer. So you do not want to mess with any of these settings unless your computer does not boot. Just be patient

STEP 11: Once you get to the installer screen hit “Continue”, now go to the top bar, and select disk utility

STEP 12: Select your desired disk and format it as APFS. Once that is done close the disk utility.

STEP 13: Now advance to the installer and click continue and agree.

STEP 14: Once you get to this screen select your disk and hit customize. Pick any options that you may or may not want on your MAC OS.

STEP 15: Once you are done with customization then hit “Continue” to proceed with the installation. This will take a while so be patient. wait for it you reboot for the first time. It may reboot 3 times

STEP 16: Once your PC reboots for the first time Go to Boot Manager and change your boot order so your MAC OS Drive is at the top. This way you would not have to pick your HDD every time the installer reboots.

STEP 17: Now, wait till your PC reboots two more times. Once you are done with this then this screen will appear and you have made it so congratulations. Install is pretty much complete. Select your region and continue

STEP 18: Set up Personal Details, Create an account, and Screen time.

STEP 19: Choose SIRI settings Select the desired theme and hit “Continue”. This will take a while so wait for it to complete

Once it is done you will boot into the desktop and then the installation is completed successfully.

We recommend using an SSD hard drive for optimal performance on a PC and at least 8GB ram so that you have a close experience of what Mac is providing.

The higher your specs the more smooth experience you will get. But it is not the same level of performance as a Mac but it will get the job done.

So enjoy your new Mac OS on your PC for the first time. We have done great research and provided the latest links for this.

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