New Chrome Update of 2022 blazing Fast on M1 Mac

New Chrome Update of 2022 Works blazing Fast on M1 Mac

According to early reports coming from many users’ experiences, this new Chrome update is blazing fast than the previous versions and provides a better user experience. I have been using it on Macbook Air M1 with 8 GB ram and I have to say that the performance is great. It has literally changed the internet browsing experience.

Google’s Chrome browser has been getting better and faster over the last year or so, setting records on Apple’s Speedometer web benchmark with its newest update. The improvements made in JS compilation speed, as well as graphics rendering performance, allow for a whopping 300 score against Safari which is about 7% quicker than before.

Many people have complained about Chrome being a heavy RAM user, but I’ve never heard of anyone saying it was slow. It is true that the browser uses space and resources in its memory as well- though not entirely due to scripts running quickly on your computer system (it can sometimes take some guesswork out). However, this reputation for taking up too much room could very easily come from all those analytics programs and extensions you’ve installed.

The new Chrome update is best for people who love to use chrome on Macs instead of Safari. The extensions and flexibility that chrome offers had always kept me away from Safari. The only thing it was lacking before was speed, and that issue has been addressed brilliantly with the New Chrome.