How to Pair PS4 Controller to Steam Link

Do you want to play your favorite PC games on your big-screen TV? If so, you need to learn how to pair your PS4 controller to the Steam Link.

This process is surprisingly simple and only takes a few minutes but there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

What is Steam Link and how does it work?

Steam Link is a streaming device that allows you to play your Steam games on another screen, such as your TV. It’s similar to other streaming devices like Roku or Chromecast, but it’s designed specifically for gaming. The Steam Link connects to your PC via HDMI and uses your home network to stream games to the device. You can then use a controller to play the games on your TV.

The Steam Link is available in two different versions: the standard edition and the wireless edition. The standard edition comes with an HDMI cable and must be connected to your TV directly. The wireless edition, on the other hand, uses a wireless connection and doesn’t require an HDMI cable.

Either way, the process for pairing your PS$ controller to the Steam Link is the same

How to connect PS4 controller to Steam Link

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of the Steam Link, let’s get into how to pair your PS4 controller to the device. First, you’ll need to make sure that your PS4 controller is charged. Once it’s charged, turn on your PS4 controller by pressing the “PS” button in the center of the controller.

Next, open the Steam Link app on your TV. You should see a “Wireless Controller” option appear in the main menu. Select this option and then press the “X” button on your PS4 controller. Your controller should now be paired with the Steam Link!

Benefits of using a PS4 controller with Steam Link

Now that you know how to pair your PS4 controller with the Steam Link, you might be wondering why you would want to do this in the first place. After all, you can already play your Steam games on your PC without any hassle.

There are actually a few benefits to using a controller with the Steam Link. First of all, it can provide a more immersive gaming experience. Playing with a controller just feels more natural for many people, and it can make games more enjoyable to play.

Another benefit is that it can be easier to use a controller for certain types of games. Games that are designed for consoles are often easier to control with a gamepad than with a keyboard and mouse. This is especially true for fast-paced action games.

So if you’re looking for a better gaming experience, or you just want to try something new, pair your PS4 controller with the Steam Link today! You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Troubleshooting tips if you’re having issues connecting your PS4 controller to the Steam Link

If you’re having trouble connecting your PS4 controller to the Steam Link, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try. First, make sure that your controller is within range of the Steam Link. If it’s too far away, it won’t be able to connect.

Next, check to see if your controller is properly paired with the Steam Link. If it’s not, you’ll need to unpair it and then pair it again.

Finally, restart both the Steam Link and the PS4 controller. This will often clear up any connection issues. If you still can’t connect your controller, try contacting Steam Support for further assistance.

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