play Android games on a PC without Emulator?

How to Play Android games on a PC without Emulator

Playing Andriod games on a PC can be really fun. We get precision controls, robust graphics, and a really smooth overall experience.

The only problem that stops us from playing is none other than our own PC limitations.

To help you with this we will guide you to play Android games on a PC without an emulator.

Full Guide to Play Android games on a PC without Emulator

play Android games on a PC without Emulator?

An emulator does solve this problem, but there are drawbacks to it.

First choosing a good emulator is a hassle and secondly, these emulators overburden a PC.

This is because the emulator is running on Windows, so the processor power is utilized in running the windows in the background and then the emulator. This needs a lot of Ram too, for smooth gameplay.

To solve all these issues, the Chinese Software Development Company known as phoenixos, allows gamers to play any Android games on a PC without Emulator. Isn’t that great?

What is Phoenix OS?

Phoenix OS is not an emulator but an ANDROID operating system itself. This Operating System boots as the PC is powered on and presents the user with an alternative between Windows and Andriod OS.

This revolutionary software has applied a bandied on our pockets and has enabled us to play Andriod games without any lag. This software optimizes the game and enables it to run on Hat for at least 60 frames per second. To get these absurd frames is an achievement in itself.

Other emulators are great but they require potential hardware to run properly while phoenix os can work on any computer and provide a lightning-fast experience.

How To Install Phoenix Os to Play Android Games on PC?


To download phoenix OS click here. Choose the .exe installer for windows. You can use either google drive or mega to download.


After the file is downloaded open it and choose the installation directory. This software can be installed on a hard disk as well as on a USB. It is recommended to choose a hard disk for an optimized experience.


Select a suitable installation size. For proper working, we recommend choosing at least 16GB or more. After you choose the size then hit the install button. It will take some time so please be patient.


After the installation is complete then it will offer to reboot the PC. Click reboot now, After displaying the manufacturing logo it will ask to choose windows 10 or Phoenix Os to load. Choose Phoenix Os and wait till it finishes the installation. This process will take about 10 minutes.


As the Phoenix os starts to change the language from Chinese to English and hits next. Read the user license agreement and hit Accept.


Connect to a network, then name your account and after then click finish.


Now map the game keys with a game helper as you prefer and the Android play store is in the start menu login and download your games and enjoy.

One of the most Optimized games for this Operating System is none other than PUBG mobile as this Operating System can push 60 frames just from just 2GB ram.

Use the octopus gaming controller to optimize the keyboard controls. If you are having any trouble following these steps then click on the video below so you can do as directed.