How to Set & Overclock AMD GPU to High Performance Mode

How to Set & Overclock AMD GPU to High-Performance Mode

With just a few simple tweaks. You can easily overclock your AMD GPU to match or even surpass the performance of its rival Nvidia. We’ll show you how to set and overclock AMD GPU to high performance to unlock its full potential.

How to Set & Overclock AMD GPU to High Performance Mode
How to Set & Overclock AMD GPU to High-Performance Mode

Note: Overclocking can dramatically improve the performance of your graphics card by increasing its clock speed. However, be aware that overclocking your graphics card can also lead to increased heat generation and potentially damage your hardware. If you’re not comfortable overclocking your graphics card, we recommend proceeding with caution.

The process of overclocking the AMD GPU starts with the adjustment of clock speed and then voltage.

Clock Speed

To overclock your AMD GPU, start by opening the AMD control center.

This can be accessed through Windows by clicking the Start button and typing “AMD” in the search bar, and then selecting AMD’s control center from the list of results.

Once you’ve opened this application, you’ll need to navigate to your GPU settings. As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to select Global Settings. And then under Power Management select “Overdrive.”

Along with being able to increase your graphics card’s clock speed.

Overclocking is also great for adding additional voltage to your GPU as well.


To do this, open up the same Overdrive menu again and scroll down until you find Voltage Control Mode. Or try searching for it in the drop-down menu along with other options.

With this setting selected, you’ll be able to increase the voltage supplied to your GPU. Some people like to go up as high as 1.25V but in a perfect world.

We’d remain at the default 0.9V and let the GPUs do their job. Now that you’ve overclocked and underclocked your graphics card. It’s time for us to look at some of our favorite custom settings.

Note: If you are using a version of Windows that came with an OEM version of AMD Catalyst or Radeon Software. We strongly recommend downloading and installing the latest version of AMD Catalyst drivers. It is important that the latest drivers are installed to ensure your graphics card is properly supported.