Top 10 Best Studio Headphones for Gaming

This article covers the top 10 best studio headphones which are quite affordable and as well as premium products for both PC and console gamers.

It is a fact that good headphones ramp up immersion with high fidelity and they also improve communication and coordination.

They are equipped with high-grade speakers that are capable of producing surround sound. So, you won’t have any difficulty picking even the faintest sound easily.

Gaming Headphones come with a high-grade microphone so, your teammates could hear you crystal clear.


10 Best Best Studio Headphones for Gaming in 2023

The good news for gamers is that there are so many brands out there so you are bound to find the perfect gaming studio handphones for yourself. You don’t need to spend lots of money to get a brilliant gaming headset, either. Here we have shortlisted and reviewed some of the best you can find in the market right now.



Cracking our list number 10 spot is Logitech G635. These are Premium wired Gaming headphones enhanced with the latest advanced technology from Logitech G.

These headphones have 7.1 surround sound audio, Lightsync technology for illuminating your gameplay space, plenty of features, and buttons onboard the headset itself. What more can you ask for? These headsets are compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch which is icing on the cake.

These headphones produce a crystal clear surround sound that helps you to hear the faintest footsteps during gaming which has a huge impact on your gaming experience.

They turn out great to listen to music as well and they also have Lightsync technology for illuminating your gameplay space. The only drawback is that they are a slightly looser fit, and the angular, black design won’t be to everyone’s taste.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset:


This is an Astro gaming headset that delivers Immersive Audio and sound experience that delivers dialogue, music, and in-game sound clearly.

You don’t need a cable to charge this instead you get a compact base station. One thing is for sure you get excellent sound quality, whether you’re playing on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox One. However, you need to decide for yourself whether to get PS4 or XBOX version.

These headphones are equipped with Dolby Audio to deliver a cinematic, high-resolution gaming audio experience. If you are worried about battery life then relax one single charge can deliver a battery life of up to 15 hours and that’s more than what one can as for.

These headphones also have a mod kid means you can add the synthetic leather headband and ear cushions for improved noise isolation.

The only reason not to buy this gaming headset is that they are quite expensive but absolutely worth it. If you have money and want to go wireless this seems to be a noteworthy option.



With Creative SXFi you don’t get the wireless option but you get everything else you can expect from a gaming headset. One of the best features is this headset is its Super X-Fi BATTLE Mode allows you to hear every single detail with stunning accuracy.

Whether it’s footsteps or even the faintest sound of a gun being reloaded, you can tell exactly where they’re coming from. You can even take down your enemies without giving them a chance to even react.

One noteworthy thing about these headsets is the CommanderMic. This has the same sensitivity as the stand-alone mic and Creative SXFI has developed software that detects human voice and cancels noise and they provide such as experience that a person is sitting next to you.

The headset works with Creative’s SXFI tuning applications for portable and work areas as well. Utilizing your telephone you take several photographs of your ears, and a couple of smart calculations then, at that point, block the sound emerging from the earphones to explicitly coordinate with the state of your head and ears.

The all-new Memory foam earpads that conform to the shape of your head fitted with premium soft protein leatherette provide you with supreme comfort that lasts for hours.

Razer Barracuda X:


Whenever you hear the name razor you know it’s going to be good. This is all due to a single reason Razer never disappoints when it comes to gaming.

These Razor headsets are affordable and they are wireless. Razer has stripped back the design of this headset and has zeroed in on the main thing that really matters i.e. performance.

The sound not just gives you a vivid, 360-degree experience for gaming but you can utilize the Barracuda X for music as well. You won’t find a better sound at this price.

The embedded microphone is nearly as amazing, it’s perfectly clear audio regardless of where you are gaming. Moreover, you’ll get an incredible 20 hours of battery life from the headset also.

The only downside is that you don’t get Bluetooth connectivity with this instead you need a USB dongle. But overall it’s a great value for money. So, if you are seeking a headset that is valuable to money then look no further.

ROCCAT Syn Pro Air:


In regard to performance and comfort, these headsets absolutely nail it. This is a specific PC gaming headset so, if you are looking for a PC gaming headset then look no further. Because this headset is a gaming headset designed specifically for them.

This is a wireless headset thanks to the 2.4GHz wireless receiver you get away from the strain of wire management. These headsets come with a very sensitive TruSpeak noise cancellation microphone which provides a clear, undistorted chat experience.

This microphone is portable means you can easily remove it when you are not using it.

These headsets come with a special feature known as SUPERHUMAN HEARING settings. These settings let you hear subtle, game-changing sounds so you can respond to the faintest sound and survive your game.

Moreover, when it comes to comfort then Soft memory foam ear cushions with ProSpecs technology wrapped in moisture-wicking athletic weave fabric keep heat and sweat at bay.

As far as the aesthetics are concerned these headphones come with AIMO ILLUMINATION. This means you can adjust between 16.8 million vivid colors in two different lighting zones visible through the Bionic Shell earcups.

Moreover, if you are concerned about battery life then you don’t need to be worried about anything. Because one complete charge provides you a backup of 24 hours means you can game all day and all night with just one charge.

Furthermore, a simple 15 Minutes charge provides you with a 5 Hours backup which is more than one can ask for.

Razer BlackShark V2:


This is a premium Razor gaming headset and you can expect everything from it. It is a whole package itself as you get excellent audio fidelity in all of the games you play, and the headset is stylishly designed and well put together.

What’s more interesting, is its price tag which isn’t as big as its features. So, we can say this is actually value to money.

Being a Razer product we get the razer software to fine-tune the audio settings to suit your preferences. Moreover, this uses cutting-edge technology to outfit Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers in these headsets.

These 50mm drivers are divided into 3 parts for individual tuning of highs, mids, and lows so you never miss a single sound. The Detachable Razer Hyperclear Cardioid Mic is just the icing on the cake.

These, are great PC gaming headsets so you don’t have to worry about comfort as they have cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up.

Moreover, you get an external USB sound card you can plug into your PC for some extra audio processing.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 :


This is the most budget-friendly option available right now. Steel series is known to make some of the best PC gaming audio headsets and believe us this one also doesn’t disappoint.

This headset is compatible with all devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack such as Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One and compatible with all gaming platforms including PS4, PS5, and Switch via the universal 3.5mm connector.

This headset doesn’t have a flashy design at all. It features the same signature soundscape that emphasizes subtly and yet it is the audio performance that matters.

SteelSeries headset will transmit every single sound to your ears, no matter how subtle or faint, and you should get a significantly more immersive experience. In addition to this, it has a Detachable ClearCast noise-canceling microphone that provides natural-sounding clarity and this is Discord certified. As we mentioned earlier this headset is a steal for its prices and its feature.

Audeze Penrose Wireless Gaming:


If you looking for the best gaming headset and budget is not an issue for you then take a look at these Audeze Penrose Wireless Gaming Headphones.

This very high-quality audio technology is packed in here, and that really comes across in terms of what you can hear when you’re in the middle of your games. These headsets are a complete package they offer and have both wired and wireless options.

One thing for sure is that these headphones give you premium headset vibes and an extra level of comfort. These headphones are lightly weighted so that you won’t get tired of wearing them for an extended period of gaming. That all said you get all the controls on the headphones which are easily accessible.

They also feature a New high-quality detachable boom microphone that is designed in consultation with Shure. Battery life is also great on these headsets as is their audio performance. One complete recharge provides a backup of 15 hours.

This is the solid battery life for these kinds of headsets and one more thing they are compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Macintosh, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and others. They also work with Skype, Zoom, Discord, and others. But if you need Xbox functions, then you should buy our Penrose X version ASIN B08D9M6FZK

SteelSeries Arctis 7:


This is one of the best wireless gaming headsets available on market right now. These headphones are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deliver a solid audio experience as well. These wireless headphones use Bluetooth and a USB-C dongle as well that works well with consoles such as PlayStations, NitendoSwitch, and PC as well.

They have got a versatile design as they offered a steel frame and an easily adjustable elasticated strap to fit it perfectly to your head. It’s so comfortable that you’ll find yourself forgetting it’s even there. The physical control buttons are intuitively placed on the earcups that give easy control over the audio and microphone.

When it comes to performance this is way ahead of many competitors at this price range. We get strong audio reproduction across the soundscape with punchy, crisp sound. Moreover, you get 360-degree audio to make you feel really immersed in the action.

They have got all new s1 speaker drivers that are engineered to produce ultra-low distortion audio so you hear every detail within the Effective Range: 12 m or 40 ft. Furthermore, they have got widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, which is a discord-certified clear cast microphone that delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation.

Those are some serious specifications and their 24 hours lasting battery in one charge gets you going on all day and night. The last thing is that if you want an Xbox version then get the SteelSeries Arctis 7X variant.



If you are looking for the very best and top-the-lane product then look no further. As the ROG name indicates ” Republic Of Gamers” then you know it is the best.

These headphones will cost you more than an average pair of headphones but their unique specifications justify their cost. Let us say you won’t be complaining or asking for a refund once you try these.

The moment you put the Asus ROG Delta S atop your head and plug it into your computer, your gaming experience is going to be significantly upgraded.

They feature high-resolution ESS 9281 with QUAD DAC technology and MQA technology support to deliver impeccably detailed along with true-to-life audio that gives you an edge to win.

These headphones can achieve an extraordinary SNR of 130 dB, a level untouched by single-DAC gaming headsets. Allowing you to precisely pinpoint the origin of enemy footsteps, the location of gunfire, or explosions in FPS intense games.

These are multiple-platform gaming headphones that mean you can use them to achieve a high-fidelity audio experience with PCs, MAC, smartphone devices, and gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch and PS4 & PS5.

They have an outstanding and unique ERGONOMIC DESIGN. They have this D-shaped ear cup design that closely matches the shape of your ears, and the sloped design sets the seal on superior sound quality.

As far as comfort is concerned the cushions are made of 100% protein leather & fast-cooling memory foam that provide optimum comfort for long gaming sessions.

The most astonishing feature of these headphones is their Ai NOISE-CANCELLING MICROPHONE. In past, we have seen noise-cancellation headphones but none can be compared to this.

This unidirectional, detachable microphone alone filters out 50 million types of background noise, including chatter, keyboard clatter & mouse clicks by up to 95%. This is a true blessing for streamers as well as the player party members.

This microphone is certified by both Discord and TeamSpeak.

When it comes to aesthetics no one can hold the candle to these ASUS ROG Delta S as they have got this sick RGB lighting. The unique Soundwave Light mode makes the lights flash in sync with the sound of your voice.

These headphones have also got the ASUS Aura Sync & Armoury Crate that supports for customization of audio profiles, RGB lighting effects & more across all Aura synced devices – keyboard, mouse pad, and other gaming accessories.

Conclusion: Which Studio HeadPhone is best for you for Gaming?

There are a bunch of gaming headset creators in business today. A portion of these organizations are expert gaming earphone makers, who do only that, and others are arms of a lot greater organizations, that produce a wide scope of gaming frills and peripherals.

Similarly, there are gaming headset creators who have many years of involvement added to their repertoire, just as other people who are more youthful, troublesome new challenges but we can’t decide for you as we have already provided you with all the best premium studio headphones as well as the budget-friendly ones. Now it is your call which headphones suit you the most.

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