Windows 11: Features, Design, Performance, Android Integration, Security and Installation

Microsoft Windows is the most popular Operating system for PC and after 6 years a new windows 11 is here. This all-new Windows 11 is said to be the most revolutionary due to its features.

Windows 11 is launched with a fresh-looking design and is packed with features that will boost your productivity.

Microsoft promises to deliver optimum performance for both laptops and tablets with its improved core functionality. The new interface will provide a unique sense of calmness and will look elegant and beautiful too.

Here we will discuss Windows 11 Features, Design, Performance, Android Integration, Security, and Installation.

Windows 11 Key Features

Windows 11 Features
  • Taskbar

Windows 11 has a more like Mac OS interface, which includes cleanly designed rounded corners and pastel shades. The position of the taskbar is also changed to the center to match the Mac-like theme. You can revert the position from the center to the left side if you feel uncomfortable. So this looks more or less like Mac OS.

This centered theme start helps to find whatever you need more quickly and efficiently. One of the downsides is that you cannot adjust the height of the taskbar nor move it left, right, or one the top of the screen. The start utilizes Microsoft 365 and the cloud to show your recent files regardless of which platform you were viewing them on earlier.

  • Start Menu

One of the most notable changes in Windows 11 is the start menu itself. The start menu gets pinned applications on the very top with the new feature to have multiple pages as well. Now you get more of a mixture of recommendations and recently opened files. Your account and power options sit at the bottom.

This start menu looks more or less like a rearrangement of the old one except for the presence of live tiles. Microsoft Windows 11 also provide a way to revert things as they were previously but the new one seems like a better implementation. So do give it a try.

  • Snap Layouts & Multiple desktops

Microsofts Windows 11 have an unmatched ability to perform position, size, open, and close windows on the screen to your taste. This is possible due to the new snap layout feature.

Snaplayout actually lets you choose from a selection of window layouts, easily populating them with app windows of your choice. One thing that catches every eye is that you can create custom outs and even save them.

You can easily access them from the taskbar and once saved you no longer need to create a new one.

Another interesting feature is that you can set up a virtual desktop. You can change the settings of these virtual desktops according to your environment and set up multiple snap layouts for desktops individually.

  • Android Apps Integration

The most anticipated feature of windows 11 is that it can run Android applications. Microsoft is partnering up with Amazon and Intel to make this happen. Windows 11 will use Intel Bridge technology to run these android apps natively.

The Amazon AppStore will run inside the Microsoft Store app. Note that the Your Phone app will be another way to run apps on the PC. In other words, you won’t need any emulator like blue stacks to accomplish this task and run these applications smoothly.

This feature will not be available as the windows come but it will arrive later on as a major update.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing and messaging tool. It is Microsofts biggest hit, the app went from having 20 million users in 2019 to 145 million in 2021.

The company provides easy accessibility for this application in its upcoming Windows 11. Microsoft Teams is cross-platform, running on Android and iOS as well as Windows. It can also work with SMS for those who don’t have the mobile app installed.

This means you can text anyone’s cellphone from your PC for free. Microsoft teams have two main uses videoconferencing and messing. If you message someone who doesn’t have an account, they get an invitation to sign up for the free service.

  • Tablet Mode and Docking

Whenever you connect another monitor to your windows 11. It will remember the last app layout you were using.

While tablet mode is more or less similar to windows 10 tablet mode. You get changes like more space between taskbar icons. New three-finger swipe actions let you call up Task View and minimize or recall running apps.

  • Widgets

Widgets are making a comeback! Apple bolstered widgets in iOS 14 and iPad OS 15, and Microsoft dabbled in bringing back desktop widgets with the News and Interests panel that recently arrived in Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 11 takes these to another level. Microsoft’s blog on Windows 11 notes that the new gadgets will convey a customized feed controlled by AI and use Edge for delivery. Gadgets can be extended to fill the entire screen, and third-party content providers can exploit this new range.

  • Upgraded Built-in applications

Windows 11 is bringing tons of changes to its native apps like paint. We got paint 3D in windows 10 but we will get a cleaner-looking toolbar and dark mode with it and we will be getting a new Snipping Tool with more control and an upgraded editor along with the new Microsoft Store, Xbox app, and visual changes to File Explorer are other notable native app changes.

Windows 11 is all about ease and accessibility so it provides us with deeper integration of Microsoft services across the board. Applications like OneDrive and Xbox apps are integrated better into Windows now. These are decent increments according to a comfort perspective, however, in the event that you don’t utilize these integrations, the reconciliations appear to be only irritating.

  • Faster Performance, More Security & Gaming Boost

Windows 11 is claiming to be a Speed improvement in coming to web browsing, signing in with Windows Hello, and waking from sleep. Windows updates will be 40% smaller and more efficient and occur in the background.

More efficient energy use will mean longer battery life. Using Windows 11 security features in combination on test devices—including device encryption, secure boot, virtualization-based security such as HVCI, and Windows Hello facial recognition—reduced malware by 60 percent on those devices, according to Microsoft.

In the Gaming section, you’ll have the option to run Xbox Game Pass games and Xbox Cloud Gaming will be upheld in the Xbox application on Windows 11. Yet, as far as execution and visual quality, the update will likewise add DirectStorage and Auto HDR.

The previous paces up games stacking from capacity to the design card. The last delivers a far more extravagant picture quality with more shading reach and profundity.

Is Windows 11 A Free Upgrade?

Windows 11 follows the footsteps of its ancestor windows 10 and this is available as a free upgrade. Upgrading to Windows 11 might not be as easy as it was to upgrade to Windows 10. This is due to the fact that Microsoft has narrowed the upgrade path in the name of security.

To start with the new version does not support 32-bit CPUs, which means that Windows 10 will be the last update for PCs that have one of those. Moving on to the next hurdle are the pre-requisitions that are enforced by Microsoft as the Minimum System Requirements to upgrade.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Windows 11 has a stricter arrangement of least prerequisites for eligibility than Windows 10. The system requirements have been switched around a few times, and Microsoft will probably give some adaptability to them.

Microsoft won’t prevent you from manually installing Windows 11 on older systems as long as they meet these system prerequisites, yet the bar is set higher for refreshes by means of Windows Update. Some system requirements, similar to the presence of a 64-digit CPU, are remaining.

For the present, here are unquestionably the minimum system requirements expected to install Windows 11.
If you need the official upgrade through Windows Update, you’ll, in any case, need to have an eighth-gen or more current Intel CPU, a Zen 2 or more up-to-date AMD CPU, UEFI secure boot, and TPM 2.0. You will likewise require basically 4GB of RAM and 64GB of capacity.

How to install Windows 11 immediately

Windows 11 is out and rolling out globally via an official Windows update. Microsoft has now introduced a new way to check out your PC specifications to decide if your system can run Windows 11.

If your system meets the minimum system requirements as mentioned above you can proceed with the update.

There is another way to check eligibility through PC Health Checker. Now we will explain how to install and upgrade to Windows 11.

Step 1:

Head over to Microsoft’s official website and download the PC health checker.

Step 2:

Open the downloaded file and run the installer. Open the app once installed

Step 3:

Once the application is opened then sign in to your Microsoft Account and then click on “Check Now” to check the eligibility to upgrade to windows 11.

Step 4:

It will take some time after that to click on “View Results” to see the eligibility of your system to upgrade to windows 11.

If your system meets the basic requirements to run windows 11 proceed to the next steps:

Step 6:

As your system meets the minimum requirements to install windows 11. Now open the setting on windows 10 and head toward ” Update and Security”.

Step 7:

Click on “Check For Update”. Recollect that this update is a lethargic rollout, so it will take some time for everybody to get it. In case you’re expected to get the update as of now, it should show up when you check for refreshes.

Alternative Method for installing Windows 11

In case the system upgrade does not show up then you can head toward Microsoft’s Windows 11 Installation Assistant and download and install it. It will again check your system requirements and windows license.

It will start to download the windows and after that install the windows.

When the installation hits 100% then it will ask you to restart the system. If you ignore the prompt it will restart your PC automatically. So if you need to save your work then click restart later.

As the PC restarts, it will take about 30 minutes for the installation process and your Pc will restart several times during the update. After installation follows the windows 11 setup process and Enjoy Windows 11.

Conclusion: Is Windows 11 for you?

It’s a smart thought to stand by half a month after the delivery to check whether any basic issues spring up in the new form. If not, you ought to be in an ideal situation redesigning as opposed to remaining on Windows 10.

One thing that is going to be a deal-breaker for windows 11 is its new security update that requires Trusted Platform Module (TPM). It is a security chip from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) that is typically mounted on the motherboard of late-model PCs and Macs.

TPM provides a secure boot operation and checks the system’s integrity. TPM also provides hardware-based key creation for encryption by generating a private key that is stored in the chip and which cannot be divulged to hackers. So basically it stores your login information.

The only problem is that not all systems are equipped with this hardware yet. Not even some latest motherboards, so it will be a problem for everyone to update to windows 11. Let us hope Microsoft removes this requirement so everyone can update to windows 11 successfully.

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